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tv   Today  NBC  September 21, 2011 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking news. those two american hikers jailed in iran for more than two years expected to be released at any moment. this, after an overnight million-dollar deal was reached to secure their freedom. we're live in tehran with all the details today, wednesday, september 21st, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> and good morning, welcome to
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"today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. josh fattal and shane bauer are expected to get their first taste of freedom, after being held in an iranian prison for two years. >> expected they will be handed over to swiss diplomats, who are already inside that prison compound right now. obviously this all comes as welcome news to their families, who are expected to be reunited with the hikers in nearby oman. we'll be live there as well. >> let's get to ali aruzi in oman and monitoring the story overnight. >> reporter: good morning. this long wait looks like is finally over. i spoke to the lawyer for the hikers. he said it looks like it's a done deal. the bail is arranged, there were problems with transferring funds because there's all sorts of sanctions against this country but he said it's a done deal,
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they should be out of jail today -- >> we seem to be having some audio problems. of course we're going live from tehran, very, very difficult, but the bottom line on all this is that the attorney who is having trouble getting that second judge signature now has gotten the second judge's signature, so it looks like this is going to be happening at any moment now, matt. >> obviously this is big news for the families of those hikers. they are believed to be in nearby oman and it's expected that's where the hikers will be taken. nbc's michelle kozinsky is there. any reaction yet? >> reporter: not yet. we believe the families have been here for a week as we have been, just waiting. they've been keeping a low profile. iran is across from the gulf of oman, in the capitol of muscat. we talked to a high-ranking
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omani official who said we don't know anything either. every day there's been a delay and an experience we know has amplified for the families. you wake up each morning, check with sources and try to get information out of iran, try to find out what exactly is the delay for now and for days more than a week we've gotten absolutely nothing. today finally that appears to be changing. oman who has close ties with iran and the united states played a key role in the release of hike er err sarah shourd and hope it will play an eminent role in the release of josh fattal and shane bauer. sarah shourd threw on the sultan's jet to muscat and
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taking in some sites, she visited the grand mosque so it's possible the two remaining hikers will fly on board the sultan's jet. we don't know when they'll return to the u.s. >> michelle kosinski in oman, thank you very much. >> it takes about two hours to fly from oman to tehran and vice versa. ali arouzi, so sorry about the problems with the technical connection. can you tell us how likely this is to play out and explain why is this now finally happening now? >> reporter: well, it's going to play out quite similarly to sarah shourd. the lawyer finalized the bail, we got the second signature from the judge. as you remember when you were here, the second judge is needed to finalize the bail arrangements, simply wouldn't show up to court. the lawyer had been to the court yesterday, the judge wasn't there again. they called them early on this morning, the lawyer, and he
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showed up and said okay, let's sign all the paperwork, it's a done deal. these guys are going to be freed. there was obviously a lot of back room deals going on to get this done today, that none of us were privy to yesterday, including the lawyer. in terms of how it's going to play out we've been told that josh and shane will be picked up from the notorious evin prison with the swiss ambassador who deals with u.s. interests in iran because there is no u.s. embassy here and then they'll be taken to the swiss embassy, probably debriefed from there and taken to the private airport and probably flown to oman from there and on their way to freedom but we'll keep you updated as all the events change here in tehran during the course of the day, ann? >> we'll be watching for your reports. nbc's ali arouzi, thank you so much. we turn to chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. the timing is very interesting. >> the very interesting timing
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is mahmoud ahmadinejad is in new york, he wanted this to take place before he arrived here to sweeten the welcome here but now apparently it will happen at least before he gives his big speech tomorrow to the u.n. >> also talks, however, it reveals further this deep rift between the president ahmadinejad and also the supreme leader and also the judiciary and how could he not step before the podium at the u.n. general assembly and not be somewhat weakened by the events of this delay? >> i think that clearly will be the case. he told you they were going to come out last week and then this embarrassing delay. it does underscore that there is a real fictionalism within the iranian regime. >> two years until the end of his presidency. >> the president is giving his big speech today and he's grappling with the same problem
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that has trapped american presidents for more than half a century, the middle east. preparing for today's speech, the president was all smiles for the class photo, but while hoping to run a victory lap as the new libyan government officially joined the united nations -- >> the libyan people are writing a new chapter in the life of their nation. after four decades of darkness, they can walk the streets free from a tyrant. >> reporter: everywhere else, trouble loomed, in kabul a suicide bomber reportedly hiding the bomb in his black turban killed a former afghan president and leading peace negotiator in his own home. >> it is a tragic loss, we extend our heartfelt condolences to you, his family and people of afghanistan. >> reporter: dominating everything else this week the middle east. the u.s. is frantically twisting arms trying to stop the rest of the world from recognizing the palestinians as a state. >> we would veto actions in the security council.
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>> reporter: a key target of the president's appeals, turkey's prime minister erdowa who recently expelled israel's ambassador and ratcheting up pressure on israel. the diplomatic conflict between israel and the palestinians is sparking clashes between israel and the west bank. and protests in new york. its dispute has put president obama on the spot, defending israel's prime minister netanyahu, even though their last oval office meeting was notably frosty and even as the republican presidential front-runner texas governor rick perry showed up blocks away surrounded by pro-israel supporters to slam the president for his past pressure on israel. >> it is time to change our policy of appeasement toward the palestinians to strengthen our ties with the nation of israel. >> reporter: and as president obama added a meeting with palestinian president abbas trying to get him to back down
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and that pemeeting will come do. the president could pay a heavy price. >> some perspective as usual, andrea thank you so much this morning. it is 7:08, here's matt. as president obama addresses problems abroad, there are lots of issues to deal with here at home. according to the most recent gallup poll the president's aapproval rating has dropped to 40%. is he in danger of losing support from his liberal base. rachael maddow joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> the palestinians are coming asking for statehood, put a lot of people in a very difficult position, including president obama. if he vetoes the resolution he loses support and credibility in the arab world. if he doesn't veto it he's in trouble with israel. does he have a good option? >> i think the president's option is to try to get the two sides to talk to each other, try to convince both sides the u.s. is a trustworthy broker and is
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worth talking to, worth negotiating with. >> in three years he hasn't been able to do that. presidents before him haven't been able to do that. on a deadline can he do that? >> the deadline sometimes helps. the palestinians pushing it this hard have brought the israelis offering direct talks. the united states seems credible by both sides they can make something like that happen, then the united states is back in the role of trying to broker a laster peace, a short term peace that gives you some demagoguing political points at home is the kind of thing american politicians have pursued at their peril for a long time. >> polling wise talking about the president overall approval rate is 40%, losing approval among democrats and independents, is it all about the economy or is there another explanation? >> i think mostly what is happening is the president's approval rate eggs are softening overall and that includes among his strongest supporters. i don't think the white house believes they have a particular problem with the base. that said if you lose support of the base it has a multiplier
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effect. they bring their friends, they volunteer, get money -- >> the fact of the matter is you lose support among the base, what does that mean in an election yooer? they have nowhere else to go. >> but you need their enthusiasm in order to generate other folks, to get donations, volunteerism, that enthusiasm that's going to bring more people in there with them. >> are they perhaps sending a message? he's got a little while left, maybe a couple of months that he can take some action before he hunkers down for purely political reasons. are they simply asking him to change his methods a bit? >> i don't think the base is abandoning obama. his numbers are soft mostly because of the economy. the things he's proposing in terms of his jobs plan are not narrowly targeted to please the base. 86% of moderates say they like what the president's proposing in terms of his policies, a mix of spending cuts and tax hikes on the wealthiest people in america, 86% of moderates like that, only in america would the pundit class respond saying he's trying to alienate moderates.
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>> we node a slight change in tone as he presented his deficit reduction planning, communications director dan pfeiffer quoted as saying "we've entered a new phase." what does that mean? >> i think that means something very specific strategically. in the previous fights with congressional republicans if things didn't work out, things defaulted in the congressional republicans' direction, the government shutdown, the debt ceiling showdown. those things the party that had to bepd wnd was the white house. with the debt negotiations they have, the deficit negotiations, the white house would be okay with letting the trigger happen and that puts the pressure on the republicans they have to bend. jeff sessions said he would be willing to look at tax increases on the rich, seeing bending from the republicans for the first time, instead of seeing bending at the white house that makes a lot of the president's supporters very happy. >> catch rachael's show
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weeknights at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific time of course on msnbc. get a check of the rest of the morning's headlines. natalie is at the news desk. >> good morning to you matt and everyone. despite calls for clemency from the pope and a former u.s. president, georgia inmate troy davis exhausted his legal options and is set for execution this evening. davis was convicted of killing an off-duty police officer back in 1989 but seven of nine key witnesses who testified against davis have since disputed or recanted their statements. in a last-ditch effort davis' attorney says he is willing to take a polygraph test in the hopes that the pardons board will consider the results. the death toll from the air show crash in reno, nevada, has risen to 11 people. the latest victim was an avid racing pilot himself. meantime emergency officials are putting together a missing person's list as one of the victims remains unidentified. the republican controlled house is set to pass $3.7 billion in disaster relief to
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prevent an eminent government shutdown but the move may not be enough for the democrat-led senate. senate majority leader harry reid wants to double to $7 million. in the nation's capitol a man climbed over the fence and made a mad dash for the president's residence. secret service nabbed the man without injury. you'd think on reporting the stories a couple of times to make those gates a little bit taller. >> it's a long shot. >> they always catch them, that's the bottom line. >> they do. >> he didn't get far onto the lawn no question. natalie, thank you very much. mr. roker, what's happening? >> well we've got a new lady to talk about in lady to talk about out in the tropics. and tropical storm ophelia, right now southeast of the
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northernly word islands. and brings it somewhere into near puerto rico by early monday morning. we will continue to track it. the rest of the country, we can expect to see showers in the mid-atlantic states in the southeast, and rain could be heavy in the northeast, and clouds and temperatures in the 80s in the northwest. windy and temperatures anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees cooler than normal. that's what is going around the country and here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> right now we have low clouds and patchy dense fog around the region, and the radar showing a few light showers now. parts of the northern neck moving into charles and prince georges. a greater chance of passing showers this afternoon, and right now we're in the 60
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and >> and that's your latest weather. ann? john edwards is getting surprising help with his criminal defense. an ethics group plans to urge a judge to drop the charges against him. lisa meyeymyers is here in washington. >> good morning, ann. it grabs your attention when a group expose ed dedicated to po corruption takes his defense. john edwards used illegal campaign contributions to cover up his affair and child with rielle hunter. the trial in north carolina is delayed until january so edwards' lawyers can go through
7:17 am
400,000 pages of investigation so it won't interrupt his oldest daughter kate's wedding to her sweetheart. cities for ethical responsibility will call for the case to be dismissed. >> i think the case is ridiculous frankly. >> reporter: melanie sloan heads the organization. your group usually goes after political scoundrels. why not earth would you be siding with a disgraced politician like john edwards? >> it is hard to come to the defense to somebody as despicable as john edwards yet in this case the justice department is taking a novel and aggressive prosecution you have to wonder why they're doing this. >> reporter: the government says two wealthy donors provided almost $1 million to hide a
7:18 am
pregant hunter from voters a. >> if you take away the seedy nature and bullet it down to essence it's a typical fraud case. >> reporter: edwards' lawyers want the case thrown out saying it's unprecedented and politically motivated. >> i'm george holding and running for congress. >> reporter: u.s. attorney george holding oversaw the edwards case and quit his job to run for congress weeks after edwards was charged. now edwards claims his long time adversary brought him down for political gain. george holding told us that he can't comment on an ongoing case, and edwards continues to maintain that he did not break the law. many veteran prosecutors believe this case will end with some kind of plea deal, ann, because both sides have a strong incentive to avoid a trial. >> lisa myers, thank you for keeping an eye on all this.
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new questions being raised in the tragic death of a trainer at sea world and the questions come from someone who witnessed the deadly attack back in february of 2010. nbc's kerry sanders is in orlando this morning with details on this story. hi, kerry. >> reporter: well, good morning. that sea world has long maintained almost since the moment this tragedy happened 19 months ago that the 22-foot-long 1e 12,000 pound whale was attracted to the trainer's pony tail. now that claim isle chaeninged. the videos played in court showed trainer dawn brancheau on the edge of the tail engaged with the whale prior to the attack. sea world has long said he was pulling at the pony tail.
7:20 am
>> i'm pretty sure it might have been her pony tail. it was an opportunistic situation. >> reporter: a sea world security guard is calling that scenario into question. freddy herrera saw the orca grab her left arm, not her pony tail. when lawyers for sea world cross-examined herrera and said if it was possible he grabbed her pony tail he said "i'm not sure." the answer may lie on videotapes dawn's family and sea world argue should not be played in court. >> she loved that whale. she loved caring for those whales. >> reporter: the brancheau family who have only spoken publicly here on "today" have asked the videos from sea world security cameras be kept out of public view but the tapes may now be the only way to explain if tillikum grabbed her pony
7:21 am
tail or arm. animal rights activists say it is not to be believed. >> as you can see with the evidence coming forward he already had her arm in his mouth and he was moving and took her down from there. >> reporter: sea world is asking a judge to overturn a $75,000 fine from the federal government's occupational and safety and health administration. osha fined sea world for unsafe working conditions for "exposing its employees to drowning hazards when interacting with killer whales." sea world called the osha allegations completely baseless, unsupported by any evidence or precedent. sea world says because of ongoing legal issues, they won't now comment on whether tillicum grabbed at her pony tail or arm. tillicum had been involved in two other deaths which raised questions whether trainers should have ever been close with this orca to begin with.
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matt? >> kerry sanders in orlando this morning thank you very much. coming up the sole survivor of a brutal home invasion takes the stand against a second man accused of killing three members of his family, and the defense got very aggressive. we're live with the latest, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, the 72,000 square foot mansion being built out of concrete in missouri. plus simon cowell opens up about his new show and why some people want him to fail. i put myself through nursing school, and then i decided to go get a doctorate degree. university of phoenix gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. my name is dr. kimberly horton. i manage a network of over a thousand nurses, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] university of phoenix is proud to sponsor education nation. because we believe an educated world is a better world.
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possible. that's the greater chance. highs in the 70s. smaller chance of showers tomorrow then but a
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morning. earlier accident, outer loop of the beltway is clear. you are still seeing significant labored breathing ] [ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ]
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[ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections. ♪ i want to fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ 7:30 now on this wednesday morning, the 21st day of september, 2011, a little hazy as we get a view of new york city from high above courtesy of our camera on the top of the rock. >> apparently we should get used to that. al says on and off hazy for the rest of the week. >> oh well, smiling from down below, a great crowd gathered at rockefeller plaza and as ever they are exuberant waving to the folks back home. good morning i'm ann curry alongside matt lauer. just ahead we'll be talking about the high cost of flying.
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>> a new survey reveals just how much airlines are charging from overweight bags to changes in your itineraries. coming up the numbers that may make you think about driving on your next trip. and memoirs of actress dyan cannon. beautiful images there. we'll talk to simon cowell this morning about his new show called "the x factor" to talk about the pressure he thinks he's under to top the success of "american idol" and he'll tell us about the biggest failure of his career. >> that should be interesting to listen to. first let's get started this half hour with the latest from the second trial tied to the brutal and deadly home invasion in connecticut. nbc's jeff rossen is in new haven this morning with details on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, just a terrible, terrible
7:32 am
story and could down as the worst crime in connecticut state history, mainly because it plays on all of our worst fears, our family sleeping in the middle of the night, then a brutal home invasion by two strangers. there was one survivor of that attack, dr. william petit, he came here to the new haven court last year to testify against the first defendant. now he's back to face the second defendant. it's hard to know where he finds the strength. dr. william petit on the stand tuesday testifying against the man who police say tortured and killed his wife, jennifer, and two daughters, hayley and michaela. joshua cokomisajevsky will face the death penalty if convicted.
7:33 am
steven hayes has already been convicted. the two men broke into the home, tied the two girls into bed posts, tied william petit downstairs, beat him with a bat. he escaped but it was too late, they burned the house down with his family inside. >> it was vicious, it was brutal. >> reporter: jurors saw gruesome evidence photos including the bedroom where petit's daughters would spend their final moments. dr. petit told the jury he heard one of the men say "if he moves, put a bullet in him." he heard thumping sounds and moaning upstairs. it was his wife, jennifer. petit heard a voice say "don't worry, everything will be over in a couple of minutes." it was. prosecutors say steven hayes sexually assaulted petit's wife before the two suspects left the woman to die. during cross-examination,
7:34 am
komisarjevsky's attorneys grilled the defendant. >> they're saying the real mastermind was mr. hayes. >> reporter: the lawyer questioned petit's memory tuesday of the attack, saying the beating may have made him woozy and dream-like. "maybe your mind is playing tricks on you" later saying "you did not see who purchased and poured the ga s gasoline and li match" did you? >> thought he did great? >> reporter: they wore memorial buttons in court despite objections from the defense. >> symbolizes the three girls, the mother hovering over the two daughters, symbolizes our family. >> reporter: by the way the judge ruled it is okay for the petit family to wear those buttons in court. dr. petit came off the stand and
7:35 am
said this was incredibly nerve-racking, much more in the first trial against steven hayes because petit says joshua komisarjevsky was staring him down the whole time, he has pled not guilty to all 17 charges, by the way this is a death penalty case. savannah guthrie, good morning. why is it decided these two would be tried separately? >> why does this victim have to relive it again? some people think it's a waste of judicial resources as well, this is the classic case where two defendants have their trial separated because these two defendants are pointing the finger at the other so the judge would not want to have a situation where if he tried these two defendants together later if they were convicted they could complain on appeal oh, well the jurors held against me something that really was evidence against the other defendant and i got painted with the same broad brush. in an abundance of caution the
7:36 am
judge decided to split the trials. at the same time evidence admissible against one defendant may not be admissible against the other. >> as hard as it is for the families it looks there will be great ear depression by the defense in this particular case. could that backfire? >> it's a risky strategy. on the one hand this defense lawyer really doesn't have any options other than that. we saw a different tact taken in the first trial of mr. hayes. he's on connecticut's death row now. this defense lawyer who has a reputation of being a street fighter decided to be aggressive even with the victim in this case. it's kind of a hail mary pass. the bottom line is this yocase less culpable and they'll even
7:37 am
aggressi aggressively process the victim in this case. the jurors will be very sympathetic to dr. petit, all that he lost, he was beaten to within an inch of his own life. he has to make sure, the defense lawyer he's not overly aggressive so such that jurors feel this victim is being revictimized again inside a court of law. >> you mentioned steven hayes, does the fact there has already been a prior conviction in this case help the defense in the second case? >> well, i think all the jurors are certainly aware that there's been another defendant who has been convicted in the case. i think more as a practical matter. it's relevant because all sides have already seen basically this case tried before. so that's why you see the defense trying a different tact. bottom line is this is a death penalty case. there's very little doubt there will be a conviction. there's already been an admission by certain facts.
7:38 am
this is trying to save the defendant from death row. >> savannah guthrie thank you for your perspective this morning. think this is about saving the defendant from death row. we have got big changes coming as far as temperatures out west. a big ridge of high pressure bringing temperatures in the 70s and 80s, and well over 100 degrees in flagstaff, but there's a trough of low pressure up over the midwest. and so there is that upper level low, moisture ahead of it alarng the southeast and mid-atlantic coast, but it's a slow mover. by monday it goes from the upper great lakes to the ohio river valley. the threat for rain continues over the next 72 hours. we're talking three to five inches of rain just off the coast. one to three inches of rain from charlotte up into new england. patchy dense fog around on this wednesday morning.
7:39 am
on radar, we are seeing some sprinkles showing up in southern maryland, and in charles county, and further to the south and west, in parts of the northern neck, some of the sprinkles may make their way into the area in the next couple hours. right now we're in the 60s. tomorrow, a smaller chance of any showers.nd if you need to cr weather, turn to the weather channel on cable for online. ann? >> all right, al, thank you. coming up next, ala carte airlines, a new survey reveals how much you're paying for the extra tacked on fees, that's right after this. happy birthday to you.
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no, you look good, you look good. get your cash back. chase freedom. back now at 7:42. if you've purchased a plane ticket recently you know that those extra fees are really starting to add up. the transportation department is telling airlines they need to fully disclose all of their fees online and this morning we're getting an eye-opening look at just what we're paying for. nbc's tom costello is in seattle with details on this. hi, tom. >> reporter: hi, matt, good morning to you. the airlines call this ala-carte pricing, you pay for the extras, the leg room, the luggage.
7:43 am
the airlines tell us this is what the passengers want. we haven't found any passengers or travelers who have said that to us. if you feel like you're getting nickelled and dimed every time you fly it turns out it's a lot more than pocket change. >> it is shocking. you show up and you go to check in and all of the sudden there's a $25 or $50 or $75 fee. >> reporter: it's been adding up for years, fees for buying your ticket over the phone for online, ticket change fees, baggage fees, fees for extra ledge room, aisle seats, no the to mention a boxed lunch. >> you don't know how much it costs until you're done paying the fees. >> reporter: "usa today" crunched the numbers, the first checked bag can cost as much as $43 but an overweight international bag can run you up to $400 on continental and you ni united $450 on american, $250 changing a ticket and spirit
7:44 am
airlines charges $30 to $40 for carry-on bags. >> travelers are feeling a huge level of rage. they're wary. they're angry. they're strained in their personal lives and certainly in their finances. >> reporter: after losing $65 billion over the last ten years, the airlines insist those extra fees are the only way they can turn a profit. >> airlines need to be profitable. without being sustainably profitable they can't provide jobs, they can't provide service to the destinations the customers want to fly to. >> reporter: still to a lot of passengers it feels like gouging. >> makes me feel like traveling has gotten to be so expensive it's almost prohibitive. >> reporter: unfortunately the reality is, if you plan to fly there's no escaping the squeeze. now the airlines insist that if you look at air fares today, base fares and factor in inflation and compare it to ten years ago it's cheaper to fly today than it was ten years ago but of course ten years ago we didn't have to pay for all the extras. one way to avoid paying more is
7:45 am
to fly more, because more frequent fliers get those extra fees waived. i flew here to seattle late yesterday and my bag flew for free. back to you, matt. >> tom costello, good advice as always. thank you very much. up next, the mystery surrounding the massive 72,000 square foot concrete mansion that is now rising in missouri. we'll take you inside one of the largest homes ever built in the u.s. right after this. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card and started earning loads of points.
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double-oven range makes dinner and dessert -- at the same time. turbo-charged advantium oven cooks more than twice as fast, in this culinary powerhouse. dan. yes? molé sauce. [ male announcer ] with ge's most advanced cooking technology, the café line takes food further. back now at 7:48 with an inside look at the mega mansion being built in the ozarks. the 72,000 square foot home is a source of many rumors, are hollywood stars moving in? could it be a buncher for homeland security? kevin tibbles in highland, missouri with answers. do you have some answers? good morning. >> reporter: could you just imagine the rumors, people wondering what are they doing way up there on the hill?
7:49 am
this is what they've been doing, building pensmore, modder day state-of-the-art disaster-proof castle. ♪ rising from an isolated hilltop high in the ozarks, a massive concrete mansion unlike any other. soon to be one of the four largest homes in america. its name is pansmo pensmore. >> loosely derived from the french. >> reporter: it's probably more thinking put in the construction of this palatial estate. from successfulent tree muir stephen huff who designed it to be state-of-the-art.
7:50 am
how much concrete will be poured here? >> several thousand yards of concrete. >> reporter: pensmore will be one of the largest disaster-resistant homes in the country, not far from joplin, missouri, devastated by a tornado this past spring. pensmore is made from an innovative concrete additive with millions of tiny pieces of wire mixed in, reinforcing it against anything from an f-5 tornado to a bomb blast. >> it makes the concrete much stronger. >> reporter: so i guess you're thinking heating and cooling a house this immense would probably bankrupt you. i know it would me, except pensmore is so energy-efficient, they're not planning on spending a dime. plastic tubes snaking through the insulated concrete walls will carry a liquid antifreeze of sorts all powered by solar energy either to cool or heat the enormous house. at 72,000 square feet, pensmore is bigger than the white house,
7:51 am
bigger than the hurst castle and just shy of buckingham palace and all made of concrete. when people think concrete, they think -- >> they think ugly. >> reporter: but this won't look like a bunker. the exterior, when finished will resemble a french chateau and huff's daughter susan is in charge of decorating the interior, all 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. >> we're down to earth, not swanky people, we just want a traditional look on the inside. >> reporter: pensmore is so big, so inventive, so cutting edge that people started speculating about just what was going on up there on the hill. >> first we heard was the movie star theory. after that, it escalated to aliens, extra terrestrials. ♪ into the great wide open >> reporter: actually, brad pitt does hail from nearby springfield, missouri, but no, he and angelina and the kids
7:52 am
won't be moving in, neither will e.t. and his alien buddies but there will be a little girl running around, huff's 6-year-old granddaughter, lucille. do you think your grandpa will let you have a playroom? >> yes. >> reporter: does he always say yes whenever you ask him for stuff? ♪ our house >> reporter: and pensmore, playroom and all, is on schedule to be completed by late 2013. is there anything you forgot? >> if i knew that, i would nn't have forgotten it. >> reporter: stephen huff became so enamored with the new company he bought it and hopes in the future they'll build nor
7:53 am
energy-efficient and safer schools, hospitals, someday maybe even homes. i'm now standing in the great hall, and i've got it tell you guys i've already got my dibs on this, know exactly what sort of kiss posters and stuff i'm going to put on the wall, the view of the ozarks. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: the view of the ozarks is spectacular. >> nor coming up. [ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree will see. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll need to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring your challenges.
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just like us. good morning. we have 66 degrees right now. it's 7:56 on this wednesday morning. let's get the forecast from tom kierein. >> we have patchy dense fog around on the wednesday morning, and a chance of showers will increase as the day progresses. right now, radar showing a few light showers in charles county and calvert county. and a few other sprinkles in staffford. later today, cloudy and maybe a light shower this morning but a greater chance this afternoon for showers this evening and a smaller chance on thursday, and then a likelihood on friday a
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. traveling on i-66, you have an accident blocking the lane at route 123. and those delays continue inside the beltway. and on to 70, very foggy and and it's about building cars in america. it's all about jobs. it's all about respect. security. the american dream. [ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here.
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8:01 am
pressure he feels he's under and what he learned from susan boyle and also what he does with the money he's made and he's made a boatload of it over the last decade or so. >> i'm interested to find out what he has to say about that. also coming up this morning, cary grant was the picture of romance and sophistication on screen but behind the scenes there was a side few people knew. now the talented and beautiful dyan cannon, his ex-wife, opens up about their marriage and their divorce and for the first time about their use of lsd, we'll talk to her about that coming up, matt. also ahead ""twilight" star taylor lautner talks about his new movie "abduction." >> let's get a check of the top stories from natalie morales. >> good morning. the lawyer for two american hikers in prison in iran says the $1 million bail deal for their release has been approved.
8:02 am
he expected shane bauer and josh fattal to go free today. both were arrested on spy charges after their arrest in 2009 along the iran/iraq border. president obama meets with the leaders of israel and palestine for peace talks. he is urging palestine to drop their request for statehood. in less than 12 hours convicted cop killer troy davis is scheduled to die by lethal injection but doubts about his case have international uproar at fever pick. nbc's thanhtruong has the latest. >> reporter: natalie in the days leading up to the execution davis' many supporters staged mass protests and rallies among the world. among his backers are pope benedict and former president jimmy carter all saying there's too much doubt about his guilt to move ahead with this execution. davis was sentenced to death for
8:03 am
the 1989 murder of police officer mark macphail. witnesses testify it was davis who shot macphail in the face and chest at a burger king parking lot but seven of the nine witnesses later recanted their statements. >> i don't see how one can say truly to themselves there is no doubt in this case. >> reporter: prosecutors are resolute davis is guilty. in year after year he has failed to convince the courts to give him a new trial. >> there are two troy davis cases, one is the case in court, one is the case in the realm of public relations. >> reporter: davis, who had been scheduled for execution three times had one last chance to petition the georgia parole and pardons board. yesterday he was denied clemency. officers say davis deserves his sentence. >> not just my father was taken but the future we would have had together was taken from us and the future that would have had in this family was taken. >> reporter: davis maintains his innocence, but at this point his
8:04 am
legal options are exhausted, even the governor at this point can now not intervene the scheduled execution is set for 7:00 tonight. to wall street where all eyes are on the fed again today. melissa francis is at the new york stock exchange. >> the fed wraps up a two-day meeting today. 80% of investors surveyed by cnbc expect the fed to take some action to spur growth, we'll hear the decision at 2:15 eastern time and the greek government announcing more cuts today in spending trying to convince its neighbors to lend it more money. if not it runs out of money and defaults october 15th. >> melissa francis, thank you. a quick roundup of what has you talking online, american servicemen stationed overseas has become a youtube is enstation just hours after the military dropped its don't ask, don't tell policy he posted this phone call to his dad on
8:05 am
youtube. >> can i tell you something? >> yeah. >> will you love me, period? >> yes. >> you'll always love me as long as i'm -- dad, i'm gay. do you still love me? >> i still love you, son. yes, i still love you. >> the soldier had previously posted anonymously on youtube about his life as a gay man in uniform. the blogosphere is buzzing over kate middleton's princess lesson. she's reportedly getting private briefings on the media, politics and arts to prepare for her role as wife of the future king. and a once in a lifetime chance to be photographed next to president obama at the united nations, although too bad one official's face was covered by a poorly timed presidential wave, as you see there. oh, well, too bad.
8:06 am
8:05 right now. let's go outside for another check of your weather with al roker. al? >> talk to the hand. oh, my gosh, wow. we got a birthday guy here, what's your name? >> hugh coven. >> where do you come from? >> quad city, illinois. >> 60 years you look fantastic. >> thank you, so do you. >> not as good as you. happy birthday. what's going on, pick city, st. paul, showers, windy, cool, 54 degrees. the upper level low is spinning up around the upper great lakes, that's going to be a slow mover, that means a lot of wet weather later on for the east, we're looking at a few clouds moving into the pacific northwest. temperature 86 degrees today, getting up in portland, oregon. we're going to look at temperatures cool down in texas, but the big story is the rain up and down the eastern seaboard, may bring flooding over the next 48 to 72 hours in parts in the next 48 to 72 hours in parts of the northeast.
8:07 am
that's what is going on rn add the country, and here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. patchy dense fog around on this wednesday morning. across virginia and southern maryland, we have a few scattered light showers. they are as far north as charles county into maryland, and they are advancing to the northeast and later today, clouds around, the greater chance of afternoon showers as well as this evening. and then tomorrow, a smaller chance of a passing shower and remaining mild and humid. friday and saturday, a likelihood of rainlautner fan here. what time did you get here yesterday? >> 8:30. >> he's going to be out side here, you hope, you hope. she's tense with it, anticipation. ann? >> she might be sleeping at this point it's so early to get up. al, thank you so much. coming up next -- simon cowell opens up to al about his new show and the biggest failure of his career, that's right after this. one. two.
8:08 am
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8:11 am
back now at 8:11, and baton down the hatches because the straight-talking talent scout is back. simon cowell returns to the judge's chair tonight for the premiere of his new singing competition show called "the x factor." we met up with him in los angeles to talk to him about what's riding on this adventure. he was the face of "the american idol" for ten seasons. >> the outfit is about as bad as i've seen. it wasn't a star season.
8:12 am
it was a bit boring. the future is all yours. >> and the brainchild behind "america's got talent." simon cowell is bringing the uk phenomenon "the x factor" stateside in hopes of airing another hit. its success rides on cowell's ability to spot a star. you've taken off on this venture, how much pressure are you feeling? >> well, a lot. it's literally like going on it a roller coaster. you know it's going to be quite rough but you're going to have a good time. there are so many people, you know, that are dying for to you fail. >> right. >> they'll be watching -- >> you feel that? you're aware of that? you know there are people who would love to see simon cowell take a little step backward? >> you will see the most gynormous firework display in l.a. if this show bombs. >> when have you seen fall flat on your face humiliating i'm embarrassed can't be seen by the public failure? >> it was in running my record label. i still feel the feeling in my
8:13 am
stomach now. >> what was the feeling? >> he with decided to put another spice girls together and i spent probably 1 million pounds of my company's money together and i had a feeling about two months before we were launching this, i may have overhyped this a bit. >> and when it happened, what did it do to you? >> well, my boss at the time, i knocked on his door because i thought i was going to be fired, my ego went out of control and he went "yeah don't do it again." that was the biggest wake-up call i ever had again. >> what is the intangible? >> looking for somebody i see there's a hole in the market. >> as awe music industry executive i was thinking what is the feeling you're looking to get when that person stands on stage? >> i remember for instance when i was, when susan boyle came in to audition. i'm not going to say, i knew there was a gap in the market for a 43-year-old you know, spinster, you know, who lived
8:14 am
with her cat, because there probably wasn't a gap. i remember looking going oh, god, she's going to sing and i wasn't in the mood. ♪ it all changed at that moment, so as much as you can be record-minded about it, you've also got to be open-minded and that's part of the reason why we have an audience with us on the road. >> that audience is what cowell says separates "the x factor" with similar roads. after getting bored with stale hotel tryouts he asked to try out before audiences. >> suddenly he hit a second gear when the audience was behind him so i was watching something i've never seen before like that, where everyone, 5,000 people were feeling what i was feeling, thinking this is the best feeling in the world. >> would that kid have done as well without that audience, though, wasn't he a star no
8:15 am
matter what? >> no, i genuinely i thought about that afterwards, it was the audience that made him special. >> are you more surprised by the sheer amount of raw talent that is out there or by the number of people who think they're talented? which is it? >> depends where we are. i mean, there are days you sit there going, you know, is this some sort of nightmare i can't wake up? it's literally relentless, and it's very depressing, because you kind of feel everything on your shoulders. >> not depressing, cowell's net worth, it's estimated at over $250 million. do you allow yourself a certain level of extravagance? >> cars maybe. i mean i have some nice cars. you know, i have a couple of houses here. i'm not into jewelry or bling or any of that kind of stuff >> what's the best thing about having money? >> well you have a bit -- you have a lot more freedom. i don't have a boss as such, so
8:16 am
i don't have to do sort of horrible dinners with them and i can -- i've got doors that are open for me at the moment now. when i first came here ten years ago, when we were trying to sell "idol" and we were thrown out of all these networks so the fact that we're talking here now today ten years later and i've had the ability to make shows, that's the best thing about it. >> and so the people are sitting out there thinking maybe this will be the time you fail, what's your message? >> well, personally i don't think it will, but as i always say, watch the show and make your own mind up. >> he's set the bar high. he says that if he doesn't get 20 million viewers, which is close to what "american idol" gets he thinks the show will be a bust. that could be a little bit of bravado and pr. el with' see what happens. >> he tends to make good on his promises. seemed to enjoy talking to you, easy to talk to. coming up actress dyan cannon talks about her great romance and rocky marriage to
8:17 am
cary grant. we'll talk to her after this. here's one story. [ george ] my name is george. i switched to advil six months ago. i love golf. but i have knee pain, hip pain, back pain and pain in my hands. advil is definitely my pain reliever of choice. it covers all, and i'm a walking testament. you may not know it to look at me, but i can dance too! [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? woah!
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woah! welcome, to the this is our plant.ur. these are our workers... and this, is upper management. but what you won't find around here is any freezing, flavoring or concentrating. which brings us to our end product. simply orange. honestly simple. (whoo, whoo, whoo) that's just the night watchman. dyan cannon has been a hollywood fixture for decades. she was just 23 years old when she fell in love with the legendary actor cary grant. now she opens up about their tumultuous marriage, birth of their child and divorce. her book is called "dear cary."
8:21 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> people have been asking to you write this book for years and now finally, why now? >> oh it's going to help so many people, ann. it's going to help so many people who have had love affairs that have gone south, whose hearts have been broken, who don't know how to love again. i meet so many people every day that are masked, that have had their hearts hurt and they just don't know how to love again, and i think this book will help them. i think it will encourage them. >> and yet few people can say that they've had their hearts broken after being married to a man such as cary grant. >> right. >> a man that every woman thought of in this way. what was it like to be swept away? he was the one who wanted to meet you, when you were just a young woman, i think you were just 23 years old? >> right. >> what was it like to be swept away by this man? >> you know what a stun gun is? >> i do. >> well, it frightened me. i didn't know what it was, and didn't have that much
8:22 am
self-esteem, but he pursued. he was relentless about it. i didn't answer his calls for almost four months. >> which was kind of crazy, but you were busy with another relationship. >> no, i wasn't busy with another relationship. i was scared. i was just scared. i didn't know why or how or who. >> we're looking at some images of you as you're celebrating the birth of your first child, your only child, jennifer, soon aafter you were married. it looks as though you were a happy, happy pair. >> we were. we were. it was a romance that completely swept me away and that's another thing, why do marriages go south in why do great loves go south? how come that happens when something could be so rich and so deep? >> one of the bones of contention for you was his struggles, his emotional struggles. people don't realize this about cary grant but he did not' get
8:23 am
to grow up with his mother, his mother was put in an asylum by his father, he didn't know where his mother was until he was -- >> he thought his mother was dead until he was 30 years old. >> how did it affect his relationships and also his decision as he acknowledged to use lsd to kind of find himself? >> i was -- you know he used lsd for that very reason, not for recreational drug, not to just get high and do parties and be wee, wee, wee, but he used it to help break through those barriers he had about loving. he didn't realize his mother was alive until he was 30. can you imagine? and in an asylum, where his father had placed her >> is that why he was so moody, as you write in this book, sometimes he was so deep in a depression, not the garirilous guy we see on the film? >> the charm on the screen was a hundred-fold in person.
8:24 am
he was a wonderful, amazing, dear faman who had to work throh a lot of problems as a kid to arrive where he did. what formed him was so difficult that, when it came time to really give himself to anyone, it was difficult for him. >> i need to ask you about what quieted your concerns, because there were all these rumors about his sexuality, what quieted your concerns enough to marry çóhim, because there were those images, he was such a good friend of randolph scott, of him with randolph scott, just hollywood images and since then so many rumors, what made you comfortable? >> that part of our life was very fulfilling. there were no problems. there's rumors about everyone in hollywood. there's rumors about everyone everywhere, but i never saw any of that as far as i'm concerned, that was not true. it had no foundation. >> so what led to your breakup then was really perhaps what? >> just the little things that happen in every marriage and i think also the fact of the lsd
8:25 am
that he encouraged me to take because he thought it would help me, it would help our relationship. it didn't help me. >> maybe also in part because of the way he grew up, he was controlling. >> yes. >> he tried to control how, what you wore. >> yes. >> how you behaved. >> yes. >> and in the end, because you were, you know, you were going to become, you know, an academy nominated, not just actress but director, a powerful woman. >> one thing i think that's very important about this book, ann, is that i think as women, we all want to serve, we're caretakers, we want to make people feel good and in my effort to make him happy, i sublimated my thinking because he was older, he was wiser and i thought well he was older than my father. i thought i can learn from him. if he thinks i should do it this way, that's what i should do, and his thoughts became my thoughts, and his ways became mine, so that my own thinking
8:26 am
became so lost that i just followed the direction. >> that is, indeed, a lesson from this book, a romance of a lifetime, you now turning the pain into that into goodness for other people who are watching. the into goodness for other people who will be watching. the book is called "dear cary." this is a news4 news break. >> 8:26 is your time now on this wednesday, september 21st, 2011. i am youngs. let's get to the forecast now. we have cloudy skies. >> we have fog around, too. that fog is beginning to dissipate. we have light showers now right there on the charles and prince georges county line. they are advancing to the north and north east. later today, mainly this afternoon, passing showers are possible. highs in the 70s. a smaller chance tomorrow of any
8:27 am
rain, but cloudy and humid. friday and saturday, a likelihood of passing showers, likelihood of passing showers, both days. i recognized my business, we've been lucky, and i wanted to go from luck to truly strategy. ♪ hurry up, let's go, don't want to miss a thing ♪ what was good about the strayer experience was i did some online and some in the classroom. thank you so much. by helping me to look at some of the financial decisions that i was making, it paid for itself almost in the first class. i am dr. nathaniel williams, and i earned my mba from strayer university.
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8:29 am
good morning. earlier accident, i-66 east is right in the shoulder lane on 123, but still seeing delays as you make your way towards the beltway. jammed at route
8:30 am
:30 now on this wednesday morning, the 21st day of september, 2011 and there is a good reason for the screams of excitement because we've got teen sensation taylor lautner on our blah za, getting coalsy with his fans here in rockefeller plaza, there you go. anyway, people are pretty excited. some people have been here for
8:31 am
haurz, you mentioned earlier. >> young lady got here 8:30 last night. >> taylor is in a new movie, action thriller and the final chapters of the wildly successful series called "twilight" saga. >> you want to talk about something amazing? >> yes. >> 16-year-old alexis thompson just became the youngest player in the history of the lpga to win a tournament, 16 years old. >> wow! >> and she did it in dramatic style, we're going to be talking to her coming up in just a little while. >> can't wait to meet her. also chef bobby flay is back, we love when he is here and this morning he's whipping up tasty breakfast treats that you can enjoy any time of day. >> all right, and if you're planning a visit to our plaza next week we want you to bring some school supplies. it's all part of our education nation week. we want you to bring anything from pens and pencils, backpacks, calculators for communities in need.
8:32 am
education nation across the platforms of nbc and if you can't be here, still take part just logon to our website at >> that's cool. >> a really good idea. before we get to anything else can we say hi to jonah hill, plays in the new movie "money ball." >> hi! >> we love you around here. >> oh, come on. >> so great. >> oh, come on! how are you guys doing? >> we're doing great. we'll talk about the movie in one second. you look unbelievable. >> thank you. >> you really do look great. >> i appreciate that as do you guys but that's nothing new. >> you play a character in this movie, is it fairer for me to say he's not the kind of guy you'd expect to see hanging out at a major league ballpark? >> definitely. he's a brilliant statustician and mathematician. it's cool because brad pitt and i are the main characters in the
8:33 am
movie which is weird to say. >> you're polar opposites. >> brad is the bazooka and my character is the ammunition, the ideas and he's the weapon that can execute it. together we blow through this 150-year-old wall of baseball thinking. everyone i've shown the movie to who is not a baseball fan it's important to note these filmmakers really just used baseball as this beautiful aesthetic backdrop to tell a moving story about underdogs and it's really being undervalued. >> it's about justice. >> justice and proving your value and what you're worth. >> on that topic, because here you are, you're in a role that is a lot more serious than the roles you've done before. you talked about being in a movie with brad pitt, okay. >> yeah, and seymour hoffman. >> we're excited to see where your career is going. how would you describe it? >> it's a defining moment. i feel the same way when "superbad" came out i felt that was my introduction to
8:34 am
everybody, i'm making a comedy movie, like to make some more, i hope you accept me. now this is a few years later, i've grown up a lot, saying you know, i made this different kind of movie, it's a drama, and i want to make some more of these as well and hope you accept me doing that, too. >> you mentioned your co-star brad pitt, he's had some really nice things to say about you. let's take a look. >> oh, wow. >> oh, wow. >> every time you see jonah on the screen you want to give him a hug. >> you just want to hug him. >> like it will be okay. >> i foo el that in real life. i just want to hug him and go thank god you're here. >> that's not bad. >> that's very nice, yeah. he's a kind man and he hugs me a lot. >> the movie is "moneyball," opens friday, right? >> friday, september 23rd, "moneyball." beautiful movie. >> you know what, he does not give compliments about movies very often. >> i've been here before, i know, trust me. he came right up to me and was like "that is a great movie" if he's saying that, it must be
8:35 am
good. >> michael lewis, and aaron sorkin. >> "social network" and wrote "schindler's list" and capote directed it. >> it's a-buzzin'! >> big hug! >> oh, yeah! >> group hug. >> mr. roker has a check of the weather. >> say it one more yeah. >> mr. roker has a check of the weather now. >> say it one more time. >> "money ball." >> yeah, that's what is going on around the money ball, and here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> still patchy dense fog around and low clouds. producing a few sprinkles on the radar where you see the moving color getting a light rain in southern maryland, in st. mary's county, and southeast of downtown washington and principles joernlgz. we will have the fog dissipating
8:36 am
over the next few hours, and >> that's your latest weather. don't forget, get your weather any time of the day of the night, online. say hello to uncle willard scott. >> who loves smucker's? happy birthday. birthday time, alice paulson, utica, new york, is 106, and loves to take a stroll and making cookies and i enjoy eating cookies. i'll bring milk and we'll have a party. caroline meyer, zainesville, ohio, home of dean martin -- ♪ when the moon hits your eye and loves to golf, beautiful caroline is 105, she golfed until she was 100. and we have george cohpening from sanford, florida, 108.
8:37 am
and her secret to longevity, eating chocolates and drinking buntermi e butt buttermilk. henry kwitt of troy, michigan, 100 years old, married t lovely wife, helen, for 75 years, and they are very happily married, how about that? david haransky of maryland, right across the road here, 100 years old, and he used to write prescriptions at a drugstore right across from the white house, wrote prescriptions sometimes for franklin d., how about that? and lloyd pementil of salinas, california, 103, enjoys watching baseball and tennis on the big screen. how about that? that's all. back to new york. >> all right, willard, thank you very much. when we come back that young man right there, taylor lautner, will talk about his brand new
8:38 am
movie and the final installment of the "twilight" saga. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
with the success in the "twilight" series taylor lautner is the highest paid teenage actor in hollywood. now the 19-year-old is starring in a new action movie called "abduction" playing a new england man not to get killed while on the run from cia and other unknown forces. take a look. >> this thing that casula wants so badly, what is it? >> it's an encrypted lais of 25 people who have sold or traded state secrets. >> your name is on that list, isn't it? >> you have a vivid eimagination. that's a very dangerous thing. >> duck! >> stay down. >> ouch. taylor lautner, good morning. >> good morning.
8:41 am
>> i mean, was there something about you that makes me think that all the action in this action film was fun for you, that you actually liked it. >> absolutely. it was one of my favorite parts. it was great. i had the opportunity to do most of my own stunts and it was a lot of fun making this movie. >> crazy stuff, one crazy stunt after another. >> yeah. >> you're sliding down these crazy, what, parts of buildings and getting -- >> yeah we filmed a great scene in the pnc park in pittsburgh, the baseball stadium and i got to do some great core moves and slide down that huge glass awning to the escalators that was a lot of fun and this was probably my favorite stunt. >> because? >> it's just crazy. i never thought i would be riding on the hood of a truck flying down the road. >> like 78, i heard 78 miles an hour, something crazy? how did you not fall off? >> you know, there was a little bit of cheating, but i mean just in case i did fly off i wouldn't die but it was completely safe
8:42 am
but very, very fun. >> also this character nathan has a lot of emotional struggle because he discovers that life is not what he thought it was, in fact nothing in his life is like he thought. >> yeah. >> and you like this character? >> i do. i love the character. i knew it would be a major challenge for me physically but more importantly emotionally. yeah, while i was filming this movie i would try and take a step back and imagine this happening in my life, and i could not imagine what i would do or where i would start looking for answers or who i would trust and that's exactly what this character deals with. >> and the thing about it is we're not going to give that stuff away because i think that's really the heart of the story but i'm sitting across from you and you're 19 years old and look at your life. i mean, how could you ever have imagined this? are you sure -- i heard you only spent like five days, is that right, at home or five weeks -- >> five weeks within the past year. >> this is the road you want to be on, are you absolutely sure, and if so, why? >> it is.
8:43 am
i mean this was a childhood dream of mine, to you know, be making movies and not only be involved, you know, in front of the cameras but behind them as well. i mean, i love it. it's so much fun, and i never thought i would be sitting here today. i'm extremely honored and blessed and i still have to pinch myself, and tell myself it's real, because it does feel like a dream. >> it's good that you feel that kind of gratitude. you know someone should tell you that there is a negative, there's a peril to being a movie star especially one that's a heart throb. brad pitt's movie is opening this weekend. you two going head to head? >> we'll see. >> "taylor lautner, oh i love that kid from shark boy." you're laughing because that's not your favorite film? >> yeah, you know, that movie typically is like for 10 years old but i mean the visual of him sitting in front of his couch,
8:44 am
i'm sure you know his little kids enjoy it but it's pretty funny, it's a funny thought. >> meantime the "twilight" series are you ready for them to come to an end? where are you on all of this? >> it is weird to think we're done filming completely. we'll be able to promote them for the next year and a half or so. that's great. we have an awesome time together. we've become so close over the past four years, and, but it is a different feeling to know that we're done making them. >> this is how you really got your big splash in the world. >> absolutely. >> congratulations on all of this. >> thank you. >> looks like you're really getting started. i bet we'll see more action movies out of you as well. you're hanging out with kathie lee and hoda tomorrow as well. >> i am. >> good luck. keep your shirt on. coming up chef bobby flay puts his favorite spin on brunch
8:45 am
classics. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
8:47 am
♪ back now at 8:46, this morning on "today's kitchen" back to ham and eggs. chef bobby flay shares classic recipes. welcome back. >> thank you. >> this is a big hit in our household this week, if you could be there 6:30 saturday morning. >> no problem, that's my specialty. >> an open egg sandwich, there are things you can do wrong so what do we do right? >> this is an open face sandwich at bar american we certain an elaborate lunch. we twist on a theme, this is almost a french style open face sandwich but we give it some american flavor so we start with a good quality bread, a sourdough bread you can griddle.
8:48 am
>> you don't have to worry about a toaster. >> or in a toaster if that's easier for you. then i have some ham here and this is just a little smoked ham, smoked american ham and not too thick, not too thin. >> you haven't cooked it long on the grill. >> not at all. the ham is fully cooked. we want to heat it through and then take fried eggs here, put the eggs on top of the sandwich. >> for those people who like the yolk broken that's okay. >> broken or cooked more. everyone has their own way of eating eggs. grilled tomatoes. >> you warm on the same surface with the ham. >> ham, tomatoes and then the green, almost like a salad on top of a sandwich. this is a little bit of dressing, mustard vinaigrette for moisture. >> and chives and the finished product there which looks great. wonderful. the next one is a twist on a classic and that's eggs benedict. >> it's an eggs benedict but this is more like louisiana on a plate. we'll use some taso ham, i made
8:49 am
beautiful buttermilk biscuits, flaky and crusty and, are you going for if in. >> i'm putting these aside because i know the crew will go for these later. >> how to poach an egg -- >> it's not that easy. >> it is easy. put it in water. >> it holds the egg together? >> coagulates the whites, the yolks. instead of breaking the egg into the water i put it into a ramiken and i put it in. >> how long do we cook a poached egg? >> three to four minutes. in culinary school they tell to you make a circle around it so it's beautifully poached but you don't need to do it. this is taso ham, a cajun style ham and it's fully smoked, a touch drier than a country ham
8:50 am
but has the nice cajun flavor. we take more griddled tomatoes, same ingredients, two different dishes. >> hollandaise sauce. >> all of the cajun spices and put the hollandaise on top. >> do you have to make the hollandaise from scratch? >> yes. >> the packages are pretty good. >> all of it is, it's egg yolks and butter. you can do that, matt. a little bit on top, not too much and then some chives. >> cajun twist to eggs benedict. talk about some of the other ideas you have. >> a cracked wheat waffle and blueberry maple syrup, fresh blueberries steeped in maple syrup and butter flavored with all spice and honey. cracked wheat, the nice nutty flavor. >> you made that at home, that's not eggo? >> definitely not.
8:51 am
>> in my house that's eo. >> if you want to go there it's totally fine. nobody will judge you. this is called the kentucky 95, it's an american version of the french 75, it's bourbon, a little champagne, lemon and orange. >> cheers. >> brunch, cheers. bar american. >> brunch couple of ways, eggs done two different ways. bob y flay thanks very much. back with a 16 years old who just became the youngest woman ever to win an lpga event. labored breathing ] [ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections.
8:52 am
8:53 am
back now at :52, with golf prodigy alexis thompson. over the weekend at the tender age of 16 she won the navistar classic by five strokes to become the youngest winner in lpga history and shattered the only record by two years. lexi good morning. >> good morning. >> how did it feel walking up to the 18th hole? congratulations. >> it felt crazy, all of the fans going crazy for me, it was the best moment of my life. >> i don't want to say something that would jinx you in the future but there have been golfers coming up to the 18th hole with great leads whose knees start to shake. were you worried it's still not won? >> i had a five-shot lead so once i got the first tee shot done on the 18 i was so happy.
8:54 am
>> do you think the other golfers on the tour are all rooting for you? in some ways they love the store yline. and the other way a 16-year-old just kind of showed them up a little bit, so how do you think they teal abofeel about this? >> i was hoping they'd be rooting for me. if they didn't that would be bad car in a. i was playing against the best players in the world it was a dream of mine. >> your dad is your caddie, that would seem to be more pressure in a sense. >> it's he great to have my dad on the bag. he knows my game the best, maybe even better than i do, so having him to just relax me, it's the best. >> you've been playing since you were 5 you said and your parents have been supporting you every step of the way. >> um-hum. >> they must be just thrilled to pieces. how would you describe their reaction after all these years helping you? >> like you said, they've been supporting me. i have two older brothers, too, that have been helping me out and supporting me also. i called my mom after and she was screaming and my dad walked
8:55 am
away from me on the 18th green and he said "i might get a little emotional so i'm just going to walk away." >> who is the best golfer in the family? >> it's close. when we're all home we have our matches for like chores or mone and stuff, so it's intense i would say that. >> chores, who takes out the garbage. there is a question here obviously. you have to be 18 years old to join the tour full time. you can play a limited number of events right now. do you think you'll get a waiver? do you think they'll make kind of an allowance for you? >> well i would hope so. i mean we're finally in petition for membership but we won't know until next week because this week is home cup so we wanted to focus on that. >> you shook it up pretty well. >> thank you. >> you really did, a lot of people talking about so you congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> great stuff. >> greatness on your future. >> thank you. >> lexi tmhompson thanks so muc. just ahead, natural ways to lower your blood pressure but don't play golf. first your local news. play gol.
8:56 am
first, your local news. 8:56 is your time now on this wednesday, september 21st, 2011. good morning. i am eun yang. it's a dreary foggy day out there. will we see the sun.
8:57 am
let's go to tom kierein in the storm center for the latest. hi, tom. >> not today, we do have fog with us and it should be dissipating over the next couple hours. right now the radar showing a few sprinkles over prince georges as well as central foulk here. and then highs reaching the mid to upper 70s, and there is a greater chance of passing showers later this afternoon, and perhaps this evening. a smaller chance tomorrow. and then a likelihood on friday and saturday and then a smaller chance aga
8:58 am
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♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. [ all ] what's in your wallet? we're back more with today on a wednesday morning, the 21st day of september, 2011, it's getting to be a beautiful morning here in the northeast, after a little bit of a hazy start. we understand we're in forome on and off again showers from now right through parts of the weekend. >> yeah, unfortunately, slow moving system, a lot of the east going to be suffering. >> the sun is out right at the moment. >> enjoy it while we can. >> and the sky is blue. >> and our hearts are pure. >> i'm matt lauer --
9:01 am
>> along with susan. >> ann curry, al roker and along with our money 911 team. >> that's right, and they're answering your tweets, everything on what age to start investing in your company's retirement plan, what percentage of your salary should go to your 401(k), and whether mutual funds are worth it, all coming up on money 911. also coming up, something millions of americans suffer, talking about high blood pressure, a very dangerous condition and it can lead to heart attacks, to strokes, to kid me failure. you don't have to turn to medication to treat it. there are five things that you can do every day to lower your numbers naturally. we'll tell you what those are coming up. >> all right, also ahead you don't heave to spend a fortune n the salon treatments or high wrinkle treematments. "allure" magazine is here, and some of the items you can find at the drugstore for less than
9:02 am
$10. >> seems like they're shopping there. they're going to love it when they go back and look at the table. >> that back looked great. >> go inside, natalie morales is standing by at the news desk. >> good morning to you guys once again. the attorneys for shane bauer and josh fattal says their release is a "done deal." the two were arrested along the iran/iraq border in 2009 and sentenced to eight years in prison. today at the u.n. president obama is pushing for palestinians to drop their bid for statehood and says it should come through direct peace negotiations and not for a u.n. vote. the president is meeting separately with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. world leaders are condemning the killing of minister rabbani,
9:03 am
killed as troops were pulling out of afghanistan. convicted cop tiller troy davis vows to fight until his last breath. he is asking for a polygraph test, asking to halt his execution. they are disputing the ballistics test that linked him to the shooting. davis has the support of the pope and former president jimmy carter as well as lawmakers and activists in europe. more than 1 million people are evacuating in japan because of a powerful typhoon, at least six people are dead or missing, swept away by raging rivers. power is out for hundreds of thousands of people. the typhoon is heading toward the same area devastated by the march 11th earthquake and tsunami. the death toll in friday's
9:04 am
air race crash in reno, nevada, has now risen to at least 11 and at least 14 others remain hospitalized after a plane flown by a stunt pilot crashed into a crowd of spectators. it is the nation's deadliest air race disaster ever. nasa scientists are trying to figure out where a six-ton satellite will fall later this week. they say most of it will break up into pieces and burn up, but nasa says chances are 1 in 3,200 that somebody somewhere will get hurt when the 20-year-old research satellite falls sometimes between thursday and saturday. and scotland is about to get a pair of giant pandas in hopes they'll produce a little one. now on the move from their home in china, the two known as sunshine and sweetie will become the first giant pandas in the united kingdom in 17 years. i bet they're excited for that. it is now four minutes past the hour. let's get a check of the weather from al right across the way. >> we've already loaded their
9:05 am
ipad with barry white tunes. >> yes, make it very romantic. >> be my honey bear, yeah, barry white tunes. >> make it romantic. let's show you what is happening as far as today is concerned. we have an upper level low spinning around the great lakes, and that will take its sweet time making its way down into the south. clouds moving into the pacific north west. and temperatures are moderate. upper 70s to 80s there. and then last for the next 72 hours, sunshine continues from texas all the way back into the southwest. good news for texas, though, temperatures are finally starting to moderate. that's what is going on around the country and here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. patchy dense fog persists around the region on this wednesday morning, and it's rather think in a few locations. watch out for that. it should be dissipating in the next couple hours. we have showers from southwest
9:06 am
to northeast, and a few sprinkles for several counties. later today, a greater chance of passing showers this afternoon, and then a smaller chance thursday and then a likelihood on friday ♪ money, money, money always sunny ♪ time now for "today's money 911." this morning we respond to your tweets what you should know before you start investing in a retirement plan. jean chatzky is the author of "money 911." david bach author of "debt free for life and carmen wong ulrich author of "the real cost of living." nice to see everybody. came in #money911, first of all, this was tweeted the following, "i'm 23, my job is sending me info on retirement planning groups. when should you really start planning for retirement? i would say -- >> now, now would be good and
9:07 am
wener at 23 i have a little crush on you i think for asking this question. >> ooh. >> there we go. here's the deal, social security is really going to provide only about 40%, that's what it's providing now, of your pre-retirement income so you've got to do the rest of the work, getting into your company's 401(k). if it's not offered, put more money into an i.r.a. and just start a consistent habit of saving now, so that when life takes its toll later and you have kids and other responsibilities, you know that you've already made a good start. >> you're already depressing them, "when life starts to take its toll." >> brought him up and then takes him down. >> i've got college bills coming so i've just got that on my brain. >> linda hoch tweeting under the name "dl trinket" from lake charles, louisiana. are mutual funds still safe to invest in? >> depends. there's over 10,000 mutual
9:08 am
funds, are you getting a stock, mutual fund, gold, real estate, copper? it could be anything. open up that lid on the mutual fund, look what's inside it and ask yourself are you comfortable with the risk? bonds have less risk than stocks. you into ed to know what's inside the mutual fund. people come up and say my xyz fund is not doing well. i say what do you have? they don't know. you need to know what the costs and commissions are. >> carmen this one is for you, from kelly nish, i'm about to start a new but temporary job. they offer a 401(k) plan, i'm 20 and in college, should i invest? >> how awesome are these 2-somethings these days. we found polling they are the generation of very, very conservative. i want to you first think about are you getting into any credit card debt, it's dangerous at college, because your interest rates sore high so make sure that's taken care of first, save up some cash, save some cash now while you can especially before
9:09 am
you graduate, you're going to have expenses once you graduate, but if you have a company match that makes that 401(k) really, really enticing because it's free money as we know, and we're big fans of free money but i don't want to you take the free money at the expense of getting into debt. >> a lot of alex p. keatons out there. this one from dadsrecipe. should you invest more in your company's 401(k) plan than they will match or cap it at the match percentage? >> it depends. >> follow-up question. >> it depends on what sort of investments that 401(k) is offering you. if they've got a great plan with plenty of good options and you really like them, then by all means put more into the 401(k), but if the offerings are mediocre, you want to get the match because it's free money and after that, put some money into an i.r.a. >> david, we've got one for you from chuck35, "if somebody wants to start investing, which stocks
9:10 am
should they consider investing in?" >> that's a great question. here's what i would say first of all chuck don't go out and buy one stock. if you're going to buy one stock, buy a mutual fund, but here's what you can do. i recommend you start off with an index fund. there's three primary indexes in the u.s., the dow jones industrial average, the s&p 500, and the nasdaq. my favorite is the dow jones industrial average, so you can buy one stock and get the entire dow, the symbol is dia, it'sen exchange free mutual fund, the yield on that exchange traded mutual fund is 2.6% so if you're going to buy one stock and you want diversification that's where i'd start. >> you could buy them all, the whole stock market index and get everything. >> if you were going to buy one. >> just one stock. amanda r.nadal from norman, oklahoma is up next, 20-year-old college student needs to build credit. what's the best card for me? >> signorita nadal.
9:11 am
we were talking about secured cards. i'm a big fan of building credit as soon as you can. a secured card puts an amount of money down and extends you a loan and it's secured by that money, a small amount. make sure when you shop around that secured card reports to the credit reporting agency so you're building your credit. also consider if you have a parent with good credit and generous heart and trusts you can open a joint account so you can build credit and not create too much damage and trouble. >> still goes to your credit. >> you get reported on your credit reports. >> at age 20 under the card act you can't get a card in your own name. unless you've got support for it. >> a little more time, extend another round, tamika moore from washington, d.c., how do you plan to grow your business and still save for the future when so many resources are needed to grow your business? >> the key word is plan. you need to have a plan that lays out what resources you have to put into that business, what sort of cutoff date you have, if that business is not doing
9:12 am
extremely well and what that leaves to you spend. if you can't do this yourself go to, the service corps of retired executives and they'll help you for free put a plan together. >> nicely done, guys, like our lightning round. jean chatzky, david bach and carmen wong ulrich, thank you so much. david bach on the east coast he'll answer your questions at beginning at 9:30, because he's so fashionable. up next lowering your blood pressure naturally with five strategies that really work. later on bringing along your four-footed friends for the ride. traveling safely with your pets, after these messages. ugh, time to color.
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this morning on "today's health" lowering your blood pressure, hypertension contributes to more than 15% of deaths in the united states but the good news is it is possible to reduce your blood pressure without medication. dr. holly phillips is a medical contributor to "prevention" magazine. >> good morning. >> we have good tips that don't involve medication and they're accessible. first you say for all of these tips you need to be at the ideal weight. >> right. >> what is the ideal weight and why is that important? >> well when it comes to preventing hypertension, your weight is probably the most important aspect of your health that you really need to pay attention to. actually a recent study looked at people of average weight, some were overweight but many of average weight and they lost 7.7 pounds each. those people were less than half as likely to have high blood pressure as everyone else, even if you're of an average weight when you start. so losing just a few pounds could make a big difference for
9:17 am
many people, even if you're not necessarily overweight. >> okay, and our first tip can help with people looking to lose baegt. you say go for power walks. >> at "prevention" we love power walks. i often complain the only thing my gym membership gives me is the exercise every month moving the pen across the check to pay them but many of us can find time for a quick power walk, 30 minutes a day, five days a week was actually shown to lower your blood pressure, both numbers, both the systolic blood pressure, the top number, lowered it by eight points and the diastolic number, the bottom number by six points. >> 30 minutes is optimum but any walking is benefit. >> any exercise helps. exercise helps your heart, to use oxygen more than efficiently and that lowers your blood pressure. >> next tip, drink higbiscus te. >> this is an interesting study,
9:18 am
three cups of hibiscus tea lowered blood pressure by seven points just over six weeks, that's the type of result we look for when we start people on medication. hibiscus is high in anti-oxidants and phytochemicals. they fight free radicals and make our blood vessels more relaxed. >> and you can have dark chocolates and get more bang. >> a little teenie, tiny bit of dark chocolate. >> not three cups daily like the tea? >> no. this was an interesting study out of harvard looking at dark chocolate particularly the variety if you look at the variety it should say 70% cocoa or it might even say cacao, the bean that the chocolate is actually made from. chocolate is high in flavenoids, relaxes blood vessels. the problem is if you have more than a half an ounce a day the
9:19 am
caffeine and sugar may have a counter effect. >> the weight goes up and back to tip number one. >> exactly. but about one square a day is a half an ounce. so a little bit. >> one square a day keeps the doctor away. >> better than none. >> next one eat potassium-rich produce. bananas fall into this category. what else? >> looking at bananas, orange juice, tomatoes, kidney beans, actually many people don't realize our kidneys are largely responsible for controlling our blood pressure. when your potassium levels are in a good range it helps our kidney levels to clear out salt from the body. keeping the levels between getting between 2,000 milligrams and 4,000 milligrams a day helps your kidneys to do the job you're supposed to. >> get that with the banana? >> a glass of orange juice has 500 milligrams, one banana, 400
9:20 am
milligrams. you have to pay attention to it. >> the last is work a little less. stress exacerbates hypertension >> our relaxed friends in california found this study, it was a university of california study and they found that working more than 41 hours a week actually increased your risk of getting high blood pressure by 15%, so if you can keep it under 41 hours and that's hard in these sort of challenging times, it will lower your blood pressure as well. >> or find a really relaxing job. >> i don't know of one but when you find one let me know. >> they call it work for a reason. thank you very much, appreciate it. coming up the best beauty tips on the market, everything from hair care to skin care, but first these messages. patients who use flexpen. from flexpen comes pre-filled with the insulin i take and i can dial the exact dose of insulin i need. i live my life on the go and need an on-the-go insulin. i don't need to carry a cooler with flexpen. novolog is a fast-acting, man-made insulin
9:21 am
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9:24 am
coming up, safe travels with your pet, how to make sure your furry friends are taken care of when you hit the road. >> then the best of beauty "allure" magazine reveals its top picks. >> in "today's kitchen" we are making two fabulous pasta recipes that are simple enough for you to add for a busy weeknight. later, the tv villain you can't hate, "glee's" jane lynch stops by after your local news and weather. you loser!
9:25 am
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are you ready for your check-up? i'm so ready. [ female announcer ] prepare to ace your check-up. fight plaque and gingivitis and invigorate your way to better dental check-ups. crest pro-health invigorating clean rinse. top picks. many 9:26 is your time now on this wednesday, september 21st, 2011. good morning to you. a foggy start to the day. does this mean more rain is on the way? meteorologist, tom kierein, will tell us how long the dreary weather will last. >> the white house is shrouded in fog. we have persistent fog hanging in there and it will take a while for it to break up probably in the next couple hours. and later today, a greater
9:27 am
chance of afternoon showers. a smaller chance on thursday a i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
9:28 am
a quick break and then we're back with your traffic. good morning. traveling 295 northbound, still see the crash at suitland parkway. outer loop of the beltway,
9:29 am
maryland and new hampshire avenue, those delays continue. your traveling at 28 miles per hour. here is the view of the 14th street bridge. still seeing a lot of delays and fog in our area, so make sure you give yourself extra time this morning.
9:30 am
your performance is something that will stand out. there's no question. other great performances but this was your movie. >> it was and remains a great piece of material for me that i got to take on and -- >> he is one of the biggest movie stars around, brad pitt and his new movie and passioned project is called "moneyball" he sat down for a morning show exclusive with matt and you'll hear what he had to say tomorrow on "today." the movie is getting rave reviews, a lot of oscar buzz already. coming up in this half hour the best beauty products,
9:31 am
according to "allure" magazine, out once again, they do it every year now for 15 years and running, they take all the beauty categories and they pick their very top picks from sunscreen to body lotion, and nail polish, and many of them, get this, are under $10. >> and then we'll move on and you know how dogs like to stick their heads out the window and pant when you put them in the car? we all love it, it's so adorable but it can be dangerous for your pet so coming up we'll have advice on how to make sure our four-legged friends like that little cutie, safe when you take them along the ride and must have items in pet travel. >> you may not be aware of this at home but there is a steel cage match about to go down. david auerbach one of our stage managers wants this dog, natalie wants this dog. you ought to go over there. >> okay. she's mine. >> what does zara like more? >> she's not scared.
9:32 am
>> oh. >> i spent the last five minutes working on her in the back. >> oh, wow. >> my kids would love her. >> what do you say to that, dave? >> how about your kids, dave? >> my kids and my other dog would love her, too. >> you already have a dog. i don't. >> oh. >> who do you think should get her? >> natalie is ruthless. >> go to and vote natalie or dave. and in "tooled's kitchen" lobster bolinaisse, two delicious pasta recipes easy enough to whip up during your busy work week. >> natalie will will meanwhile cook up a steak and give it to zara, whatever it takes. upon another topic, "harry's law" is getting a second act. >> in tonight's enpoed kathy
9:33 am
bates she returns. >> she takes on the case of a man accused of killing his wife, played by alfred molina. and emmy winner jason alexander will appear as a suspended public school teacher, congratulations to kathy for her emanations. "harry's law" airs tonight on nbc. natalie is taking the old rule possession is 9/11 tenths of the law. >> zara is thinking i got to get out of here. these people are nuts. >> oh, zara. >> she's running away entirely. she doesn't like either of you. >> she's really taken care of. >> all right. you got a check of the weather? >> that's right, already passed the dog days of the summer. >> oh, for of the weather for us, all. >> yeah, we already passed the dog days of the summer. for today we have wet weather. showers, thunderstorms in the southeast. later on it moves into the northeast. we have partly cloudy skies in
9:34 am
the pacific northwest with warm weather. and then for tomorrow, more wet weather working its way into the mid-atlantic states, and showers in the pacific northwest. what is the saying, if you lay down with dogs you get up with flees? if i were you, zara, i would get away from him. that's what is going on around the country, here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. we still have fog around the region. should take a couple more hours at least for it to dissipate. it will slowly go away and we will have a few showers coming through later today. and then elsewhere, clouds around, and maybe passing showers this afternoon. and then a smaller chance tomorrow. friday and saturday look to >> and that's your latest weather. komgt up next from the drugstore to the department store, the best beauty products of the year right after this and who is going to get zara the dog? >> we'll find out. "hey wrinkle face!"
9:35 am
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9:38 am
♪ i'm gonna be a beauty this morning on "tooled's beauty" the best beauty products on the market, the experts of "allure" magazine have spent months testing every cleanser and color they could find and the results are in. "allure's" editor in chief linda welle is here, lin gada good morning. 15 years you've been doing this. >> exactly. >> how do you think beauty products have changed over time? >> it's been interesting, the big change is in the proliferation of anti-aging products. there are so many for pretty much every age and they have incredible ingredients aattached to them. another big change is the inexpensive products, things under $10 that perform as well as the high priced things and people are buying trendy colors and nail art and all kinds of crazy effects and some performance benefit. this is a big area. >> let's get through some of the newest products. first the breakthrough winners
9:39 am
on the list this year, we have this new line of neutrogena sunscreen wet skin. >> the breakthrough products are carefully screened by doctors and cosmetic chemists. this wet skin we know that people don't apply sunscreen after they swim and they should because sun damage is a huge problem and aging. neutrogena figured out how to have it adhere to the skin and form a film but not appear white. >> always reapply. >> yes. >> perfect, next are the nail strips from sally hansen. >> salon effects. nail strips are not new but they look like stickers, you put them on and look like you have a piece of paper on your hands. these are made with fine nail enamel and stick on with medical grade adhesive, they're shiny. you file them down and last for
9:40 am
ten days and look like real nail polish. >> hall of fame winners, starting off first with my favorite blushes out there, name that will make you blush, nars orgasm. >> it's won for 12 years in a row and because of the name so funny. >> it's the perfect colors. >> i'm sure nars' research was interesting. peachy pink with gold, looks good on everybody. >> hall of famer, mvp of moisturizer, clinique. >> this is a classic, won for 14 years and it was developed interestingly by a dermatologist in the early '60s for his clients, patients and he went on to cofound clinique. it's yellow because he wanted it different from prescription products. it's fragrance free, doesn't
9:41 am
have any anti-agers, no sunscreens, no antioxidant so it's very simple but on the other hand you can layer it over all of those products or under makeup and it doesn't pill or cause any problems. it's a great product. >> anti-aging product as you mentioned, they've made vast improvements in advancements recently. the best of the best is -- >> la roche posay, redermic, it one is different, eight different dermatologists recommended this unsolicited, and this one actually travels beneath the skin so it doesn't cause the redness and irritation so common with the retinol products. once you get the irritation you stop using the product so this one solves that problem. >> so we're moving along quickly, shampoo and conditioner, developed by mit scientists. >> it's no frizz and it forms a shield on the hair, and it prevents the moisture from
9:42 am
coming in or going out so your hair won't frizz. >> at the drugstore for makeup products, comes to mascara, you like this one. >> you can keep it cheap, mabelline, doesn't make lashes look spiky or spidery. lipsticks. >> loreal, who color? >> british red, looks expensive on your lips and has great packagin packaging. >> beautiful color. top of the line lip gloss. >> this is gloss pur, isn't sticky, lasts long and body wash is aveeno daily body wash, moisturizes and forms a barrier. >> linda, thank you so much. 15 years, keep it going. >> thank you. >> for a complete rundown of the best of beauty winners check out the october issue of requests allure" magazine. coming up next have pet will travel. tips for keeping your furry friends safe on the road, right after this.
9:43 am
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and this thick and creamy greek yogurt, so rich and full of flavor. it was a grueling trip! try new activia french and greek yogurt. a world of great new tastes.
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her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day
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with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. who's she? new downy unstopables. here to shake up your fresh. toss these little scent boosters in before you wash. and the fresh scent will last until you're ready to wash again. new downy unstopables. the fresh too feisty to quit. this morning on "today's pets" safe travel. more than 30 million americans brings their pets on trips 30 miles or more. harrison forbes, celebrity and pet author of "dog talk." >> how are you doing? >> good. we love to take our pets on
9:47 am
vacation but putting the dog in the car can be a distraction. >> if they don't behave or they are a safety issue you tend not to do it, so dogs can come over the front seat, they get under your feet, they can jump in your lap trying to go to an intersection. there's a million different scenarios that happen every day. >> even in the back. >> that's important if the dog is in the very back and you hit at 30 miles an hour a 50-pound dog can be almost a 2,000 pound projectile coming, it can break your neck, the dog can hit the windshield. dogs die every day from the impacts. >> at the same time it's hard to imagine putting a seatbelt around your dog. we have products that would work. >> some of the cargo products, this is the booster seat. the dog loves to jump up on the side of the window and scratch. this allows the dog to be up and see, keeps all four feet so the dog has good balance, keeps it up off the seat so it doesn't
9:48 am
engage the air bag. the air bag can be dangerous for a dog. >> don't worry about it hopping out? >> the harness moves there in all directions. >> bigger dog in the back seat and zara with her new owner, natalie. >> this is going to be a rock paper scissors to see who keeps this dog. >> how does this work? >> this is a back seat setup, the wander hammock and keeps hair from getting all over your car and we have this zip line, the harness and the hook allows her to go side to side. she can roam, doesn't feel confined but safe if you were to have a collision, it keeps her from going through the windshield or coming through the front seat. >> can natalie get this along with zara? dogs are looking out the window and panting and you say you should be careful and not allowed.
9:49 am
>> even a small bug or piece of gravel coming from a truck in front of you can injure a dog's eyes and they're precious and difficult to fix. you want to keep them inside. >> keep the window up but they can look out the window. zara we'll check in with you later. hi, zep lpelin, we like you too. >> extra comfort and safety and peace of mind outside of the car, there's a lot of gps things that have been out there before, but this is the tag collar, just come out, it's high-tech made by qualcomm, so if you're on vacation with your dog, if your dog escapes you can track it on your cell phone, on google maps, show you where you are, where your dog is, you can find them wherever they are, set it to do alerts, to go out to your vet or friends and family, tell you hey my dog is lost or the office, it will notify you, a great product. >> and quickly, what should you bring, obviously water and
9:50 am
snacks for your dog. you don't want to change your dog's food. >> that's a big thing you want to watch out for. when you change their food they can get an upset stomach. nothing ruins a vacation than a sick dog. >> everybody's vacation gets ruined there., what is it, mark, 50%? 58% say natalie should take zara. sorry dave auerbach. the dogs are up for adoption from north shore animal league but definitely not zara. sarah likes veronica. coming up next, easy dinners for any day of the week. first this is "today" on nbc. labored breathing ]
9:51 am
[ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington:
9:52 am
don't weaken clean air protections. ♪ this place "today's kitchen easy as
9:53 am
1-2-3 ♪ bill, good to see you, two great recipes. >> good to see you. >> we're starting with lobster. >> bobster bolinaisse, two lobsters you use the entire lobster, make a stock with it, boil off the legs and the tail and rip it up like this. >> simmering the shells in the water? >> in the water or chicken stock even better. we'll cut this up here and make the sauce, a little shallot, cooking in garlic, we'll add tomato and wine. >> smells good. >> and that's going to simmer for a really long time until it gets to about this point here. we have the tomato shallots good and add lobster stock and butter, just a little. >> just for flavor. >> we'll let that go and take some of the pasta here. >> i notice you're using spaghetti. could you use another pasta you wanted? >> any pasta. spaghetti works well with
9:54 am
bolinaisse kausauce. so that we add the lobster meat and there you go, sir, perfect. >> i try. i learned from the best. >> here we take the parsley, chives, taragon, and compliments the lobster well. >> not a lot of sauce, just enough to flavor it. >> enough so you'll taste the lobster from the stock and clearly taste the lobster. and then it's great with shrimp or crab. >> so any kind of shellfish. >> any shellfish is good. this is one, doing a little high brow, low brow, this is one my daughter likes and a way to get her to eat vegetables. >> even better. >> we like the garlic flavor, we make it nutty browning it a little, and we take a little of the broccoli and cauliflower.
9:55 am
zucchini works well. we'll let that simmer, a little crunchy. i like the crunchy, beans my daughter loves, a little protein. stock. >> a little butter. >> a little butter so it emulsifies. a little salt. god, you're good. man. >> a little parmesan on top. >> mix the pene with that. goes with anything. >> looks great. >> thank you so much, bill. we will of course have the recipes on "today".com. >> coming up jane lynch one of our favorites tops by. >> and jonah hill. >> on the dog i'm still working on it. [ screaming ]
9:56 am
[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
9:57 am
good morning, everybody. i am barbara harrison. 9:56 is the time. it's wednesday, september 21st. it's a damp, foggy start to the day. we will go to tom kierein for the forecast.
9:58 am
>> the fog is gradually improving. the visibilities are increasing. we had passing light showers in southern maryland and on the eastern shore. the morning the nearest sprinkles are heading northeast across the bay. and later today, we will be climbing into the 70s. there's a possibility of a few passing showers this afternoon and this evening. a smaller chance on thursday, and then friday and saturday looks like we will have a likelihood of passing showers and then a smaller chance on sunday. we have an accident traveling 66 at chain bridge road. this is route 50 heading east on the left lane. we have the fire department on the scene here of this accident. the scene here of this accident.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's winesday, dnesday, september 21st. just two days left of summer. get all of it in right now, all you can. put on your thong. be proud. you've got two days to go. >> they had the elimination round last night on "dancing with the stars." >> that's what i hear.
10:01 am
>> so ron artest. or artest. >> doesn't matter anymore. he changed his name. >> his name is metta world peace. it used to be what it was. now it's this. metta world peace. >> excuse me. excuse me very much. >> i am so sorry. >> is that not a family show? >> it is. >> it actually looks like the west indian parade the other day here in new york. >> that was crazy. >> pictures in the newspaper of dancing with our police officers like that. it was interesting. >> anyway, everybody else is left. again, it gets much nmuch more exciting as you get on. who are you liking? >> i haven't seen it. i've been in the rehearsals or plane. sweet of you to ask. who do you like? >> i'm sort of pulling for chaz. in the beginning i wasn't sure who i wanted. i like how he's shaking it. >> i hate missing all the good stuff right now. it is the new season and all the good stuff is premiering. not that i ever watch it.
10:02 am
it's supposed to be great. >> it is. >> do you know who we have here today? our girl. jane lynch. hosting the emmys this year. >> she was so funny. she wrote a book called "happy accidents." she claims her whole life is one accident. he keeps falling into thinks. i thought it was interesting when she was younger she was a bit of bully herself kind of like her character. >> she has good reasons why. she'll fill us in. >> jonah hill is going to be with us, too. if you're looking for a movie to go to with your husband or boyfriend, this is the one. it's a baseball movie. talking about the money and statistics behind baseball. "money ball." how to find good players at an inexpensive price using stats. >> that looks like "a beautiful mind," the guy with all the
10:03 am
numbers. >> it's a great movie. i saw jonah on the earlier hour. what happened to him? >> it's called losing weight. he looks great. >> lost a ton of weight. i wonder how he did it. >> i don't know. we'll find out. he's going to be with us. all righty. >> the salahis. >> we have to discuss it. although i see this and it's driving me crazy. >> she has a hair errant. let it go. let me see how bad it looks. we can't live with that. >> no, no. get on with the salahis. >> here's the deal. they are finally -- well, they're getting divorced. now, that's the final thing. now, tareq -- she, again, is with the singer from journey. all right? >> is he the singer? >> guitar player. he's kind of cute. anyway, she's with him. god, these songs are all so appropriate. anyway, basically she said she married the wrong guy.
10:04 am
she dated both of them in the '90s. she picked the wrong guy. >> she thought life would be easier with tareq. he lived on a vineyard in virginia. was apparently quite wealthy. at the time she knew she had multiple sclerosis, but the world didn't know. nobody knew who she was even then. she thought with my disease and life on the road with a rock star and all the cheating, is what she said, she probably thought she'd have it safer with tareq. and then she's the one that did the cheating. >> allegedly. >> allegedly. no, she's admitting that. they're admitting that. >> yes. i guess they're having a thing. apparently neil sent tickets to the salahis, both of them, to come to the concert which was 20 miles from their home near poughkeepsie. >> oh. >> poughkeepsie. is the keyword on this show. if you're a frequent viewer, you know what we're talking about. >> you know what poughkeepsie really means. >> a lot of women like going to poughkeepsie. >> everybody likes to go to
10:05 am
poughkeepsie. >> true. imagine this. you're in a photo with all these dignitaries. one of the dignitaries is president barack obama. >> you're thrilled to get your photo op. >> it's like a great moment for you. and then the picture is taken. >> and this is how it turns out. >> you're the guy on the right of president obama. that is the worst! >> hey! >> this guy's moment in the sun is wrecked. we tried to figure it out but no one knew who he was. >> you can't see him. >> hidden. >> first there was planking. which i never understood. >> that's when people would lay down on a sidewalk or something and take a photo of themselves planking. there was horsemaning. we showed you. >> we did the horsemaning. dismembered body. >> now they're doing something called plunking. >> plunking. >> that is disgusting. are you kidding? >> no, we're not, hoda. a lot of kids spend their entire
10:06 am
four years of college doing that. >> are these doctored? >> they're not doctored. that's what they do. >> that's a little toilet. >> yeah. i hope you're not throwing up your cheerios at home. >> that is not great. >> i don't think this is just a new york story. there's something in new york, we have condos everywhere, condominiums or co-ops where you have to pass a co-op board in order to be given the privilege and right of being able to spend ga zillions of dollars to live -- actually purchase a portion of a building. >> they've rejected some celebrities because they don't want all the -- you may have a lot of money. you may be able to buy this place outright. but they don't want you in there for a lot of reasons. >> even if you're paying cash, they want to know everybody about you. they want to know how much money you have, where you have it, who your friends are. and it can be very daunting. i'll never forget when frank and i were buying a co-op years ago when we first got married.
10:07 am
we had passed the co-op board. frank said to me, no matter what you do, just don't try to be funny. just go in and, you know, get this. >> what did you do? >> we go in. it was a very pompous lady. you know, we're a little concerned that you and frank are show business type people. and have friends and things like that. she wasn't english, but she sounded it. i couldn't stand it. finally, i looked at frank and i said, we're down to two orgies a week. >> in front of the lady? >> the whole board. he kicked me under the table. all of a sudden everybody starts laughing and it broke the ice. >> did you get the condo? >> we got the condo. years later, madonna's attorney tried to buy it from us. >> what happened? >> they wouldn't sell it to him because of madonna. yeah. >> here's the thing. now there's another thing. people with dogs are having trouble getting in some of these co-ops. because they bark a lot or they have trouble in the elevators. now they have these special trainers. and the job of the trainer is
10:08 am
just to train your dog to be good in the elevator. >> so he doesn't do that. bite somebody going out for a jog. >> also when you're in your apartment when you shut the door and lock it, so your dog doesn't bark all day. they have special trainers who are now just honing their skills to take care of dogs -- >> they don't live the lives of bambino. >> you know what's funny? i cannot get my mind -- i was watching that anderson cooper show a couple days ago, he had his mom on. i have to tell you, there was something about -- he kept saying about his mom and how she's so resilient and wonderful and she's survived the suicide of one of his kids -- of her son and his brother and the death of her husband. and she said the reason she survived all those things is because she continues to fall in love. with everything. i loved -- there was something -- i took -- it was such a takeaway from me. she falls in love with her painting, with her friends, with men. like, it's the people who are open. you see other people who've been through difficult times in their life, right? >> they have nothing to look
10:09 am
forward to, they think. >> right. she's in her -- how old did she say she was? >> she's 87. i want to know who her doctor is, you know what i'm saying? there's only so much pat wexler can do for me. eventually you're going to need the knife. >> she looks amazing. >> she does. >> "parade" magazine has something we're going to discuss. it is -- this is one of those questions. here it is. my wife and i have dinner with another couple regularly. they always order an expensive bottle of wine which we don't drink. when the check comes, we divide it equally down the middle even though our share is much smaller. it seems unfair. the money's tight right now. what should we do? >> mm-hmm. what was her advice? >> he says it's embarrassing. da da da. the fact is -- she should say something, basically. >> it's a theme. this is what they're doing regularly. listen, we want you to enjoy your wine but we can't afford it. or else find new friends to go out to dinner with.
10:10 am
>> some people just like to split it right down the middle. >> we never split a check, though. >> you pick up or i pick up. >> not just you. frank. >> frank never lets anyone get the check. >> never in my 25 years maybe 30 times have i seen somebody be smart enough or fast enough to grab a check from him. >> it was his birthday and i wanted to treat, remember? >> he grew up so dirt poor. he ate dog food sometimes as a child and was happy to have it because they were so poor during the depression and everything. and he said, kathie, god's blessed me so much i'm going to share you everything i've got. i don't like the miserly thing. if you're stingy with things like that, you know? >> i agree. >> we're all very blessed. if you can't afford to go out to dinner, find other ways to enjoy your time. first of all, the couple who's not offering to pay for their own wine are wrong. >> i don't know why they're friends with them. >> exactly. >> here it is, our cutest baby contest! again, we're looking for the
10:11 am
cutest babies from birth to age 2. only allowed one entry. we keep getting the most gorgeous pictures in of these wonderful kids. these kids, by the way, the winners are going to be in a fashion show. >> cameron. wait a minute. that's a different ashland. okay. >> okay with the hat. the hats are winners. lainey. >> got the world by the tail. >> look at her. >> andre. >> we just want to say their names. kali. >> excuse us. >> berkeley. all day long. no. oh, my gosh! are you kidding me? >> look at the innocence in their little faces. oh, stop it, gio! gio is a little man! like a little news boy. leah. you know she's going to be a concert pianist. >> you can feel it? >> darling. thank you, everybody. >> sunday is the deadline, you guys.
10:12 am
get those baby pictures in. congratulations to lee. she had her baby. thank god jane lynch is here. we've been waiting for you. >> hello, ladies. >> congratulations on the emmies. >> thank you. >> you rocked it. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> tell everybody what they need to stand by for. you're coming up soon here. >> look. >> jonah hill will be here. he takes a dramatic turn with brad pitt. we'll find out how that went. first, me. but right now, these messages. >> look at that. ar lipcolor and # 1 lipstain... is covergirl outlast! what makes outlast so great? with outlast, we can go for hours and our lipcolor still looks fresh. no smearing. no smudging. no transfers. so spread the news, not the lipstick. outlast is america's #1! outlast lipcolor and lipstain
10:13 am
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10:14 am
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10:15 am
and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. she's america's favorite villain and favorite sweetheart all rolled into one. it's safe to say it's been quite the week for actress jane lynch. >> it certainly has. sunday night she hosted the 63rd annual emmy awards. just a few days later her memoir "happy accidents" makes its debut. we'll talk to jane in just a second. first here's a look at the exclusive backstage tour she gave us of her smash hit, you know it, it's called "glee." jane lynch is america's beloved bully. >> i'm going to ask you to smell your armpits. that's the smell of failure. and it's stinking up my office. >> on the hit show "glee" she plays the track suit dawning dictator sue sill vest zbler you're about to board the sue sylvester express. destination? horror.
10:16 am
>> who was even able to turn roll call into an insult. >> gay kid. come on! move it! asian. other asian. aretha. and shaq. hey, the arts are going down, william. >> recently lynch was willing to put the bull horn down to give us an exclusive backstage tour of mckinley high. >> hi there. i'm jane lynch. i play sue sylvester on "glee." i'm about to give the "today" show an exclusive tour of sue sylvester's office. come on in. here's sue's desk, of course. cheerios. sue sylvester. this is sue's favorite energy drink. go, girl. i'll show you my plethora of supplements. sue takes all these every day. a big protein powder fanatic. look at that big tub. sue also likes to work out. i think these are maybe a pound
10:17 am
and a half. yeah. working on my biceps. oh. oh, 2 1/2 pounds. this is my office, sue sylvester's office. i love coming here. i love coming to work. i love putting on the track suit. and i love my job. >> you are so funny. >> she's here with us today. we're so delighted. >> thank you. i'm so happy to be here. >> i first fell in love with you, "best of show." one of my all time favorite movies to this day. how brilliant. that whole ensemble of people. then the other day we're at home watching "the fugitive." there you are in this very dramatic role. >> very young. >> that was one of your very first. >> it was. it was probably the second movie i'd done. >> okay. >> how is the afterglow from the emmys. >> it's great. i'm relieved. actually, the relief started right after the opening number when i didn't take a face plant. so i was relieved after that. and that it went well. then it was fun.
10:18 am
there was just a general wash of people that kept me from freaking out. >> look how pretty you look. also your promper went out. that happens around here sometimes. >> you know what, if i had known that that was a possibility, because i was stressed about everything that could have happened. i'm so glad i didn't know that was a possibility. it didn't go out until the very end. >> you were fine by then. >> we were fine. i got this down, baby. >> a lot of people juice up for that sort of a thing with a cocktail or two. >> yeah. >> reading your book, that was not a possibility. >> no. i could not have a cocktail. >> you drank a lot when you were young sn younger? >> i did. had i known i'd be telling my drunk story again, i'd make it a lot more interesting. >> look at your hair. >> t perm and the glasses. >> your success in your own eyes has probably taken you more by
10:19 am
surprise than anyone. >> absolutely. >> you talk about that quite a bit. >> yeah. i've always really just been happy to work. i mean, i had those -- those desires to have the fame and to hit big. but after a while, you just kind of do what's in front of you. >> just do your job. >> you do your job. you're grateful to have your job. and i always said yes. i never said no to anything. luckily no one ever offered me anything like porno. >> you would have done it. >> i would have done it in a second. i almost went to a calendar when i was younger. if you look at me the right way i could have looked somewhat fetching. i couldn't do it. >> one of the big things you talk about in your book is coming out of the closet. you came out to your parents in a letter. you decided not to tell them face to face. >> right. i was 31 years old when i came out to my family. it's because i had been distanced from them because it was a big piece of who i was they didn't know about. secrets are no fun. >> they wanted grandchild, i'm sure. >> they got them. they had enough.
10:20 am
they had them by that point, too. >> how did they reisn't that corre correct? >> the letter was just beautiful. they were worried about me. how are you? it was a gorgeous thing. had it happened when i was 18 it might have been a different story. difference in those years how gay people are accepted. >> you got married this year. >> got married in massachusetts. >> you now have a daughter? >> i do, yes. laura and hayden is our daughter. >> you won the emmy last year. >> i did. >> you didn't this year. you were so funny about it. >> one less thing to do, hoda, on a very busy night. >> big fans. >> thank you so much. >> give our love to ryan murphy. >> i will definitely do that. >> he is quite the character. >> a brilliant guy. >> mel berger, our same agent. i tell you, you want a best seller, get mel berger. up next from jane's book "happy accidents" to sara's photos. that'll put you in a good mood. "what the what?"
10:21 am
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prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose tas. choose prego. ♪ we're back with one of our favorite series. "what the what?" >> if you're looking for a laugh, look no further. >> let's get to our first photo from ruterford, new jersey. do you think sh th is a marketing tactic? depending on the day you don't know which door you want to go in more. our next photo was sent in by
10:24 am
charles roberts from ashburn, virginia. actually a sign in an elevator in denmark. evidently i fart means the elevator is moving. hertil calms the elevator. >> for years my kids thought that was the "f" word. >> brian bates from oklahoma city sent us this photo. is taco spanish for burgers? a new take on it. when you're in the mood for mexican. brian also sent us another photo. that's just honest advertising. >> dead people's stuff. >> we all know what it is. why not call it, you know. >> that's funny. >> the next one is from yvonne santos from pennsylvania. i feel like that would constantly boost my self-esteem in the bathroom. that's his brother holding that. it's portuguese. i don't think there's a nice way to put it. that just means exactly what it is. finally, john from california
10:25 am
submitted this photo. sign of the times maybe. hopen for business. >> thank you, sweetie. >> does look like a lonely place, doesn't it? >> you must stop. still to come, "the guinness book of world records" comes alive when we play "who knew?" >> then jonah hill is going to be with us. there he is in the kitchen. nicely. nice froggy. [ female announcer ] there was a time when poker night... was what you looked forward to all week. - oh, wow! cool! cool! - whoa! so who'd have ever thought boys night out... wouldn't hold a candle to boys night in? having a baby changes everything. are you ready for your check-up? i'm so ready. [ female announcer ] prepare to ace your check-up. fight plaque and gingivitis and invigorate your way to better dental check-ups.
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10:27 am
we're following breaking news out of iran this morning. there are reports that the two american hikers arrested for spying in that country are now free. coming up, we have the latest information including when they are expected to be back in the u.s. good morning, everyb
10:28 am
[ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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we are back on this wines tai, wednesday. we're ready to play "who knew?" since the folks at guinness word records just launched its 2012 edition we thought we'd test you on the biggest, shortest, fastest, longest. you get the idea. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store ready to hand out $100 to those who know what they're talking about. to those who don't, those lucky people get her cd. stewart claxton from the guinness world records is here to help us out. we remember you well from last time. >> nice to be back. >> as the handsome one. >> this gentleman is handsome, too. from cincinnati. sir, true or false. the longest mustache in the
10:31 am
world is over ten feet long. >> true. >> yes, yes, yes. >> wow. over ten feet long. how long is that? >> exactly, yeah. his beard actually is 14 feet long. he's been growing it since 1982. >> oh, no. >> from india. and to groom it, coincidentally, he uses coconut oil and mustard oil. just a tip there for anyone interested. >> back across to kath. >> he must smell great. this is the married partner of this one. i don't know how they worked this out. she's from cincinnati, too. what is the record of balloons popped in a minute with a pogo stick? 66, 57, 100 or 30? >> 100. >> you are so going to enjoy this lovely cd. there you go. >> the correct answer here, we have 57 balloons popped by a pogo stick. >> indeed. >> that's a lot. >> yeah. 57 isn't bad in a minute. this is mark aldrich from england. he did this on our italian show.
10:32 am
he started as a youngster on a small plastic pogo stick. he hopes one day to make it to the olympics. >> wow. all right. that's something. back across to kath. >> two ladies from new jersey. all right. how tall is the tallest man? 14 feet, 5 inches, 18 feet, 3 inches or 11 feet? >> how rude. >> they had it wrong anyway. >> the correct answer there, 8'3". >> exactly. he hails from turkey. >> i remember him, yeah. >> yes. we did a global search for the tallest people all over the world. it was 20 years since guinness world records had measured anyone over 8 feetgratulations . the tallest woman is 7'7". >> he has trouble walking.
10:33 am
>> yes. >> lovely lady from british columbia. what is the record for the number of dogs skipping on the same jump rope? 22, 9, 13 or 18 dogs. >> nine. >> it doesn't matter, it's a good day when you win a kathie lee cd. >> exactly. i've been wondering about this. the number of dogs skipping on the same jump rope is actually 13. >> question. who knew? >> how is that possible. >> hailing from japan. one of the poodles there is called mayonnaise. the story goes they were just jump roping one day and that he joined in. and the story -- the rest is history, as they say, with 13 dogs as the new guinness record. >> back across to kath. >> all right. this lady is from outside of philadelphia, right? okay. true or false, the longest fingernails -- this grosses me out completely -- are shorter than eight feet. >> false. >> unfortunately, that's right.
10:34 am
>> she's correct. these twisty fingernails are kind of gross. >> yep. this is a guinness word record classic. the duchess, she is called. >> oh, no. >> hails from las vegas. she is a singer. >> look at her eating! >> she hasn't cut her nails in 18 years. if you add them all together, they're 19 feet, 9 inches long. her left hand is longer than her right hand. >> how does she wash her hair and use, you know, just do basic things? button the buttons? >> it's a question often asked skd. she says she goes about her everyday life pretty normally. doesn't seem to interfere. she's been doing it for quite a while. she told us all about it. we had her here in new york last week when we launched the book. >> thanks for coming back to see us. we'll see you next year. kind of our thing. >> i'd love to. coming up next, great actor jonah hill talks about his newest movie and the torture he had to endure from brad pitt. look how fit he is. right after this. three auditions. and, it's really important that you go in looking like the role.
10:35 am
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10:39 am
peter grand recruited by brad pitt to help the struggling oakland a's. watch. >> hey, billy. i wanted you to see these player evaluations that you asked me to do. >> i asked you to do three. >> yeah. >> to evaluate three players. >> yeah. >> how many did you do? >> 47. >> okay. >> actually, 51. i don't know why i lied just then. >> great to see you. >> great to be on. >> from there to here, it's somewhat jarring, huh? >> yeah. >> how did you lose so much weight? >> i just woke up one day and i was like this. >> wow! >> it's a miracle! >> no. i went and saw a nutritionist out here in new york. i take it seriously. a good decision. >> good for you. this is a great movie. i'm so happy there's a movie women can go with their husbands and boyfriends ands both enjoy
10:40 am
it. at first i thought it was going to be strictly a baseball movie. it's really not that. >> right, yeah. i think it's important. because if you love baseball, obviously we'll get that added value from it. but i've showed it to people in my family, my mom could care less about sports or baseball. the truth is, it's just a really moving story, baseball as a beautiful background to tell the story about underdogs. >> "bull durham" is one of my favorite movies ever. it's the backdrop of baseball. but it's not about baseball. >> it could have been any business. it could have been about people trying to find value in people that aren't, you know, on the surface -- >> winners. >> winners. exactly. about people who are misfits or defective. it doesn't mean they're not really valuable. >> when you popped up on the screen, i was expecting to want to laugh. every time i see you, you're funny. what i realized, this is a very, very dramatic role for you. and you've gotten rave reviews
10:41 am
for that. was it difficult to go from being kind of the funny guy to this more serious? >> that's nice of you to say. but, yeah. i mean, for me, it's a really beautiful and kind of defining time, you know. you know, i think i came out in "super bad" and that was kind of, like, my first introduction to everybody. and i was like, wanting to make funny movies. i was 21, 22 years old. i'm growing up and grew up in front of everybody and obviously changed physically and emotionally. and, you know, i'm an actor. i studied dramatic acting and comedic acting. for me it's really important to do both. my heroes are dustin hoffman, bill murray. because they do comedies and dramas. >> it's so easy to get pigeon holed. did you have to audition for this, fight for this role? >> i had to fight for this role, yeah. there was a long rlist of oscar winning or nominated actors that wanted to play the part. i was at the very, very bottom of that list. >> not anymore, buddy.
10:42 am
we have a few seconds. tell us what it's like working with -- i heard he was tough to work with, that brad pitt. >> yeah. an awful guy. >> always playing jokes on you. >> no. he's a dream. he's brad pitt, obviously. he's one of the kindest, most authentic and talented guys. he's very inspiring and fun to be around. very fun guy, you know. >> we wish you great luck with this movie. >> you are adorable, jonah. thank you very much for being with us. wish you all the best with the movie. i think it opens this friday. >> "money ball," yes. sorry to go from you to this. got mold? >> after this. here you go. i'm proud to be a healthcare professional with va. our work truly fulfills america's promise to take care of our veterans, and that's rewarding. i can use my current license to work for va anywhere in the u.s. and since it's one of the world's most advanced healthcare systems, we can get to the heart of what our patients really need.
10:43 am
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10:46 am
[ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections. time for "today's home" and some do it yourself repair. we've all got a laundry list waiting for the neighborhood
10:47 am
handyman. some people can do a lot of it themselves. >> mike holmes is the host of "holmes on homes." >> i brought in all that technology. for me it was throwing the pebble in the pond, watching that ripple effect. kind of makes sense that house can't be washed away. >> you're going to throw us three projects that we can do. you're saying "we" can do? >> i'm only going to give you a few things. in the book, it's not about you doing it. it's about finding the right people. >> drywall. >> everyone's had a bad hole in the wall. normally from a door handle. >> do it. >> just smash a hole in the wall. >> how do we? >> a quick little fix technique. okay? let's just draw a square. that's all we're going to try and do is draw a square here. >> all right. you're going to make a square. >> find the area where you want
10:48 am
to -- >> for this area i'm going to go about four inches by four inches. that's all i'm doing is making a square now. >> make it nice and clean. >> yep. four inches down. >> uh-huh. >> it's going to be here. >> i see what you're doing. >> a lot of people are just going to use mesh tape. they're going to try to cut a hole, put in pieces of wood. >> that's not going to work. >> use a mesh tape or paper tape. i'll show you a real simple trick. ready? >> go. >> you going to saw it out with a -- >> have you ever fixed your own hole? >> it's really none of your business. >> now, you want to, though, right? you want to be able to. >> i dream of this, though. we all do. >> okay. so after you do that, how do you fill in that hole? >> now it's a bigger hole, isn't
10:49 am
it? >> yes. >> we just have two minutes for the whole thing. we're running out of time. we want to see all three things you have for us. >> we can do that. i'll set this up quickly. i'll take a piece of drywall. cut the other sides for you to try and save some time. >> okay. >> what we're going to do is instead of using paper tape or mesh tape on the other side, we're going to break the backside of it just like this. >> okay. >> pull off the -- we'll call it the -- >> some of that could have been done ahead of time. >> we have one minute for the whole segment. >> it's taking too long! >> could have had that off. that would have been helpful. >> i need your help. you do know that. >> why don't i go down and fix this thing down here while you fix the hole. >> wait, wait. hold on. do it. hold on. >> we're going to throw the plaster on the back of this like
10:50 am
this. >> want me to stick it in there. give it to me. i know how to do it. >> this is working very well. >> now you're making a really big mess. >> that's okay. we'll fix that up. >> buy a new house! >> slap it on the wall. it actually works very well. >> it's done! >> hold on. >> all right. >> we're out of time. >> yeah. because we want it nice and straight and clean. that's important. okay. >> you want to talk about mold? >> come here. >> if we had time, what were the other things we were going to fix? >> mold. >> huh? >> mold. >> that's what we said we'd fix. in three seconds, how do we fix mold? >> don't use bleach. soap and water. the water is going to knock down the spores of the mold. simply clean it. >> that's it? soap and water? >> yes. >> why do we have goggles on?
10:51 am
>> how about cleaning out your shower head? what do we do with it? >> use clr. that's really, really smart. calcium, lime rust remover. >> dunk it in? >> just dunk it in. >> i guess that's it. >> once you let that dry, just -- >> why don't we go over there for 15 seconds and watch it dry? >> thank you, mike. up next, something we know a little bit more about. yoga for the belly. first, this is "today" on nbc. i am a face unclogger.
10:52 am
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time to help you get fit today with strong and sexy abs. >> they're not just for the beach. we all know a strong core can improve your posture, digestion
10:55 am
and prevent lower back pain. >> hey, girl! >> welcome in. >> thank you. >> we're working on our core today. >> yes, we are. those overindulging summer days. we'll start with sara right on her back. >> what's she doing? >> root abdominals. lower abdominals. upper abdominals. chin to her chest to avoid th yanking neck. squeeze and touch her forehead to her knees. maybe 5, 10, 15 on each side. then twist your legs the other side. >> good girl. >> why don't you get down and plank. >> plank? >> yep. >> all right. >> the plank pose. stabilizing the shoulder. getting upper body work, too. bring your knees to your elbow. hold there. >> what? >> knee to elbow. squeeze. knee to forehead. knee to other elbow. knee to forehead. knee to elbow. press it back. good. don't forget the other side.
10:56 am
>> not so limber, huh? >> then we've got michelle doing side plank. pay attention! >> look at her go. >> tell us what this is working. >> the side plank. we're also getting some upper body, shoulder stabilization. but we're getting some deep obliques here. i like to put a little hotel bell here so they can touch the bell. come down, touch my hand. ding! >> i'm getting nervous watching. >> ding! >> wow. >> if you're not as flexible but you're strong, what can you do? >> a modified one on the side. that would be a side plank. you can just dip the hips. >> uh-huh. >> she makes everything look so easy. >> i know. >> we have gwen's son with us today! >> one of her three sons. >> on your back. he's going to do wipers. not only is it really good oblique, lower abdominals.
10:57 am
on your side. straight up. also, he's getting a nice twist, rotation in the spinal column and you're ringing -- literally wringing out your organs and getting rid of the toxins. when you have an overindulgent weekend. >> is there a modified version. >> bend, don't straighten. come back. >> okay. >> get klg on the mat. he's adorable. >> what do i do? >> after all this it's really nice to stretch out the abs. anterior spine. she's going to bend her knees. grab. i'm going to help her and just lift it up. why don't you try that one. >> me? >> yeah. >> that feels so good. oh, yeah, baby! >> pull her by the upper arms. >> can we? -- this very painful. >> that's as far as i can go. i swear, i'm not flexible.
10:58 am
>> all right, gwen. so glad you made it in. nice to meet your son. >> thank you very much. >> see everybody tomorrow! >> that's how we roll. bye, everybody. see you later. -- captions by vitac --
10:59 am
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